Getting started with Siirto

Transfer and receive money quickly and securely. You only need the other Siirto user’s phone number. Siirto is also a convenient payment method in online stores, apps and pop-up stores, such as flea markets.

How Siirto works

  • You only need the recipient’s phone number. 
  • Payments between Siirto users are transferred instantly 24/7.
  • All users are always authenticated with their access codes.

Nordea’s Siirto app utilises the Siirto payment system to which also other banks and payment service providers are connected. To make a payment, simply enter a phone number instead of an account number. When the phone number is in the Siirto payment system, you will see the name of the recipient. The recipient will receive the payment immediately regardless of the bank. You can only use the Siirto app to transfer money to Finnish bank accounts included in the Siirto payment system.

More information on the banks and payment service providers participating in the Siirto payment system is available on (in Finnish)Opens new window

Security limits in the Siirto app
Sending money per dayMaximum of EUR 1,700.00
Receiving moneyNo upper limit
Implementation and use

Information on the activation and use of the app

The Siirto app, which is downloadable on a smart phone, enables you to transfer and receive payments in real time with a phone number. It is safe to use the app, as the users are always authenticated with their access codes. The money incoming to/outgoing from the Siirto app is entered to an account of your choice.


  • Nordea’s customers will need the Nordea ID app. Other banks’ customers will authenticate themselves with the online identification methods used in their bank’s network.
  • The app will be used with a smartphone (iOS or Android).
  • Nordea’s customers of less than 15 years of age will be able to start using the service once their guardian has first called Nordea Customer Service.
  • If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, please call Nordea Customer Service.
Prices and terms

Access codes

With Access Codes you can take care of banking regardless of time and place. You can also sign agreements and identify yourself in other service providers' services.

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Nordea Codes app

With the Nordea Codes app you can log in to Netbank and Mobile Bank, securely pay for your online shopping and identify yourself when contacting Nordea Customer Service.

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