Nordea Mobile makes your everyday banking easier

View transactions, pay bills and manage your investments. Apply for a housing loan and join online meetings. Log in securely with the Nordea Codes app or the code calculator.

Handy features  

  • Make payments quickly and easily – scan an invoice or enter a virtual bar code. 
  • The Insights tab automatically tracks your monthly spending. With a breakdown of your income and expenses by category, you gain a deeper understanding of your finances. You can also add products from other banks to the app and do a budget. 
  • Apply for a housing loan or use FlexiPayment to make changes to your loan repayments. In Nordea Mobile, you can also apply for changes to your housing loan.
  • Manage your cards – block your card with just one tap, check your PIN or enable online payments. 

Useful tips 

  • You can also use your fingerprint or Face ID to log in to Nordea Mobile. 
  • Edit the Home page by tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the screen. 
  •  You can change the order of the elements by dragging and dropping them.
  • You can do nearly all your daily banking in Nordea Mobile, as it goes wherever you and your smartphone go. For the time being some actions, such as opening an account, are only possible in Netbank, which runs on a browser and can be used on a computer.
  • Contact our Customer Service directly from the app. When you use Nordea Mobile, your identity has already been authenticated and you will be able to reach Customer Service quicker.
  • Please note that the mobile bank app automatically logs you out after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The useful features of Nordea Mobile are presented below

We are constantly improving Nordea Mobile to be as good as possible for you.

Block your card temporarily or permanently

The fastest way to block your card if you lose it is in Nordea Mobile. And if you find the card again, you can easily open it. If the card is stolen, then simply cancel the card, it will be completely blocked and a new card is re-ordered for you.

Pay a bill or make a transfer

You can easily pay a bill, by using the phone’s camera, or transfer money directly from the home screen, just use the shortcuts.

Have an online meeting

Connect to a booked meeting with your phone and chat with an agent directly from the app.

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