Netbank offers you versatile services

The service is available 24 hours a day every day of the week. Netbank services are included in Private Banking contract. 

You can access Netbank wherever you can go online. 

Benefits from using Netbank

  • You can view up-to-date information on your accounts, loans and savings.
  • You can apply for a card or a loan and enable new services.
  • You can link family members’ accounts and investment portfolios to one Netbank.

With Netbank, daily banking is quick and easy


  • check the balance of your accounts
  • browse account transactions from a 90-week period
  • you get an electronic account statement


  • make payments and credit transfers, also cross-border
  • complete SEPA credit transfers to the Single European Payments Area
  • check when your invoices fall due
  • choose the e-invoice and receive bills directly in Netbank
  • save beneficiary information on a beneficiary list


  • monitor your MasterCard and Visa use
  • transfer money from MasterCard and Visa credit to your account
  • order a new card
  • order a new PIN for your card
  • change the withdrawal and payment limits of your cards

Netbank includes other services as well

Loans and credits

  • check balances and due dates on your loans
  • apply for housing loan, student loan and FlexiCredit


  • open savings and investment accounts
  • make investments and give orders
  • trade in securities
  • monitor the performance of your investments
  • get up-to-date market information 

Endowment and pension insurance

  • monitor the performance of your investments
  • give orders

General insurance

  • complete general insurance and travel insurance applications
  • view your insurance policies

Additional services

  • order travel currency in advance
  • buy an electronic gift voucher
  • use Netbank's Mail function to contact us

Get access codes

  • Call Nordea Customer Service
  • You can get access codes at a Nordea branch
  • You are welcome to sign up as Nordea’s customer online.

Netbank in your pocket

Mobile Bank

Our mobile app allows you to access Mobile Bank quickly wherever you are.

Checking your balance, transferring money, buying shares or paying bills is easy and safe. Our applications include a currency converter and a loan calculator as well as market information.

Secure banking

We offer a wide range of banking services that are easy and safe to use

Online banking is safe when you ensure that the data security of your computer is up to date and act in a responsible manner.

  • Be careful when using and storing your access codes.
  • Keep the firewall on your computer always on.
  • Regularly update the anti-virus software on your computer.
  • Be vigilant when banking online.

Technical information

In order to use Netbank, you need an internet browser, eg Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

For security reasons, older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported. Therefore we ask you to update to the latest version or to switch to another browser. We recommend that you update the latest operating system on your device or use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari when using our online services. 

Browser and operating system

Your browser is the program which is used to show the homepages. Netbank is compatible with the following operating systems and browsers:

Windows 8, Windows 10
Firefox latest version
Google Chrome latest version
Microsoft Edge latest version

Apple macOS 11 and iOS 12  or later
Firefox latest version
Google Chrome latest version

Linux Ubuntu latest version
Firefox latest version

Pop-up windows

To use some Netbank services, such as linking your card to an online account and accessing market information, you must allow the use of pop-up windows. Use the following procedure to enable pop-up windows in the browsers supported by Netbank:

Google Chrome

  • Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Site settings > Pop ups.

Microsoft Edge

  • Settings > Privacy and Security > Block pop ups. 
  • If you want to enable pop-up windows only on specific sites, select Advanced > manage permissions.
Mozilla Firefox
  • On the toolbar, select Tools -> Settings
  • Select the Content tab
  • Disable "Block pop-up windows" while you are browsing the web


  • Open the Safari menu and click on Preferences/Settings
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Disable the pop-up blocker at Web Content / Block pop-up windows
  • Close the window

If you have problems accessing Nordea's digital services

  • update official antivirus & private browsing solution to the latest version
  • make sure that Nordea's websites are allowed in antivirus & private browsing solution ("whitelisted")

What is cache?

Browser programs use cache memory where the pages used during the connection are stored. Netbank pages can also be stored in the cache. If you are using a shared computer (at work or at a library, for example), clear the cache after using Netbank.

Netbank pages are encrypted using SSL encryption. You can change the browser settings so that the encrypted pages of Netbank are not stored in the browser's cache or in the hard drive.

You can clear the cache in the browser settings at Tools -> Internet options.
Clearing the cache will remove all other pages you have looked up as well.

Clear the cache every time you have used Netbank on a shared computer. If you are the only user of the PC, you do not need to clear the cache.

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