Financial security and well-being in the same package! MyLife offers you a financial buffer in case of unexpected events in your life and encourages you to seize the moment while taking care of your health and well-being. You will get concrete benefits from your insurance right from the start.

Why take out a MyLife insurance policy?

Why take out a MyLife insurance policy?

Your MyLife benefits:

• Personal – comprehensive insurance cover that suits your particular needs

• Motivating –  Up to a 25% raise to your insurance cover amount if you do regular physical exercise

• Inspiring – Participate in our charity campaigns and do good for others as well

• Competitive – Excellent price-quality ratio

• Easy – You can take out MyLife easily online

The cover in case of serious illness, permanent disability and death as well as the MyLife Go feature attachable to My Life personal insurance are offered by Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd (Business ID 0927072-8). The company sells insurance policies through its agent Nordea Bank Abp. The detailed indemnification criteria and indemnification restrictions related to the different kinds of cover are stated in the insurance terms and conditions and in the product description specifying their meaning. 

Please note that this service is offered only in Finnish and Swedish.

Why take out a MyLife insurance policy?
Cover for serious illness
Cover for permanent disability