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To support your investment decisions, we provide information about the economy, the global markets and individual investment instruments.

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Market reports and investment views to meet investors' needs 

The morning report provides a summary of the main market movements and company-specific events, and identifies the key drivers of the starting trading day.

The weekly report gives you information about the key events of the upcoming week and current themes, in addition to providing our updated investment views on asset classes and individual equities.

The investment market outlook is discussed in more detail in the Investment Review, which is published monthly. The review presents our view of global asset classes, regional equity markets, the Finnish equity and bond market.


Buy and sell decisions made easier with our investment recommendations

  • Our model Finnish equity portfolio compiles the most attractive Finnish equities into a well-diversified portfolio. 
  • The stocks in the new Nordic model portfolio have been picked with the aim of building a diversified Nordic equity portfolio.
  • The Global recommendation list is targeted at equity investors seeking global diversification.
  • Nordea Equity Research provides high-quality analysis on nearly 300 Nordic companies and around 800 companies elsewhere across the globe.
  • Our bond recommendation lists include the most attractive government and corporate bonds. Fixed income investors also have access to analyses on individual issuers.
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Our investment strategists will make weekly videos discussing the most important and topical events in the investment markets and Nordea's views on market performance.

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Available now: Has the outlook of the international economy changed? What about the Finnish economy? 

Nordea Markets' podcasts offer the views of our specialists and reviews on current trends as well as learnings and insight into the world of finance.