Discretionary portfolio management - take advantage of a specialist

More than 50% of our Private Banking clients have authorised us to manage their investments in discretionary portfolio management.

Take advantage of a specialist

It is quite natural for us to use specialist help in many everyday matters, such as for electrical installations in our home, getting our hair cut or getting a dental filling. Why should you then try to manage your investment portfolio on your own?

Investors have to actively monitor the market if they want to keep up to date, as the market is moving more and more rapidly and dynamically.  There is a lot of information available, but it may be challenging to filter the essential information from the flow to support one's own investments and their sufficient diversification.

At present, our offering includes 30 different alternatives. With the extensive offering we have wanted to ensure that all clients find an alternative suitable for their goals.

Your Private Banker will help you find a suitable alternative, which can also be changed if your goals change.