Services for foundations and non-profit organisations

Through us, you can get all your investment and banking services, as well as diverse administrative services, for your foundation or non-profit organisation.

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At Nordea, foundations and non-profit organisations can get all the services they need under the same roof. All our Private Bankers who serve institutional customers have long experience in managing the assets of foundations and non-profit organisations.

Our specialists will handle systematic wealth management for you, and we can also manage the process related to grants.

Our services include 

  • a wealth management plan, 
  • building an investment portfolio with an eye to the special needs of foundations and non-profit organisations, 
  • implementation, follow-up and reporting.

In addition, we will provide you with all the banking services your organisation needs.

We also offer a wide range of administrative services. If you wish, we can also participate in your meetings. 

Financial administration

We offer foundations and non-profit organisations a comprehensive solution for their financial administration through our cooperation partner. We follow up on changes in legislation and give advice in all practical problems relating to financial administration.

Our service includes

  • accounting and financial statements
  • payroll calculation, payments and tax returns
  • payment transmission (invoices, grants etc.)
  • tax reports and other reports to the authorities
  • audit arrangements
  • archiving.
Grant management

We provide foundations and non-profit organisations with grant management services that are tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Our service includes

  • drafting and publication of grant announcements
  • management and processing of grant applications
  • replying to inquiries and informing applicants
  • disbursing of grants and making notifications to the authorities
  • confirmation and mailing of minutes
  • notifications to the Register of Foundation.
Rental administration

Our rental administration specialists provide professional management of investments in residential apartments and business premises through our cooperation partner.

The service includes

  • drawing up rental contracts
  • rental management
  • collection and tenancy termination processes
  • payment of maintenance charges.