We will discover your needs

Nordea Private Banking offers you customised wealth management and financial planning. We will take your personal and your family's needs and your circumstances into consideration. The Private Banking service is suitable for wealthy individuals, companies and foundations.

Private Banker A plan for your assets Private Banker

You will get an experienced Private Banker who will have time to get to know you and act as your partner in wealth management.

Your Private Banker will: 

  • know you and be familiar with your wishes
  • understand your situation
  • offer you suitable solutions. 

When we know you, we can offer you the best possible service without you having to tell us your personal and your family's story time and again.

A plan for your assets

Professional wealth management becomes important when your wealth increases and you don't have the time or the skills to manage it. Moreover, when the amount of your wealth increases, you often need more diverse management services. 

We can review your situation more comprehensively than just through your investment portfolio and consider the structure of your investments from other points of view, such as estate planning.

Together we will prepare a plan for managing your wealth. We will aim for the highest return at the risk level that suits you. The solutions we offer are based on researched and analysed information and on our competence. 

We are there for you when you want to: 

  • build your wealth 
  • secure a comfortable retirement
  • plan sizeable acquisitions
  • plan your estate for your heirs
  • consider the future of your company.