Other expert services

As a Private Banking customer, you also have access to wealth management services for your company or foundation. We will find the right solutions to your company's and your family's legal and taxation issues. We will execute your assignments for securities for you, or you can execute them personally online.

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Entrepreneurs and companies

We can also manage your company's long-term investment assets according to your needs.  Our legal counsels and other experts are at your service when you are planning to expand or sell your business or hand it over to the next generation.

Business owner 

As a business owner, you can sign a wealth management agreement that covers your personal wealth and your family's banking, as well as the management of your business's investment assets to the extent determined by you.

The business owner's service is your preferred choice if you need an easy and personal solution for the management of your wealth and your company's assets and you value a direct contact with a wealth management professional. As a business owner you will also appreciate our experienced wealth management lawyers' expertise.

Foundations and organisations 

We are a one-stop shop for foundations and organisations in investments and banking services. We also have a wide range of administrative services.  

All of our Private Bankers have plenty of experience in managing the assets of foundations and organisations.

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Are you an active equity investor?

If you trade actively in shares, you can take advantage of our personal broker service. The service is suitable for you if you trade in shares regularly and have a portfolio worth at least 400,000 euros.

You will also have access to the following effective tools for active trading: 

  • advanced online trading system
  • diverse market information  
  • company analyses. 
Moving abroad

If you are planning on moving outside the Nordic countries, you can turn to Nordea Bank S.A. for Private Banking services. Our international Private Banking services are available to you in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Spain, among other countries.