We want to be your partner in managing your assets

Our clients appreciate our asset management. In early 2017, Euromoney awarded Nordea Private Banking as the best asset manager in Finland. Why do clients experience our service as the best?

Your own personal banker knows you and your circumstances

Your investment portfolio must feel right for you and therefore for us, knowing our customers is the cornerstone of good asset management. We want to listen to your story and understand your goals to be able to offer you a solution that fits your needs.

The best result in planning the management of your assets is reached when taking into account your wealth and the wealth of your family, how that wealth is distributed, and what you situation in life is.

We will provide you with a concise overall picture of your wealth. We will define your investor profile on the basis of your return goals and both short-term and long-term risk tolerance. Based on your profile, your Private Banker will work with you to draw up a plan on managing your wealth which suits both you and your family.

The structure of your investment portfolio, in other words, the weights of the different asset classes, is defined in accordance with your profile. This means return expectations and risk level tailored to you needs, and  your portfolio will feel right for you. With a well-constructed portfolio, there will be no need for hasty actions when share prices fall. The most essential action in asset management that aims to avoid unnecessary risks is to update the composition of the portfolio at reasonable intervals and to ensure that the investments are sufficiently diversified.

Let us help you utilise your financial potential

In managing your assets, we will keep you up-to-date on changes in the market and the performance of your portfolio. Our solutions for the management of your assets will suit your situation. The solutions are based on the expertise of a group of Nordea’s international experts. They monitor the performance of the markets and companies widely.

You decide how closely you wish to follow the markets, and how much you want to participate in making decisions concerning the management of your assets. You can also leave the management of your investment portfolio entirely in the hands of our experts.

Accessible and flexible services

Banking with us is convenient and flexible. All asset management and banking services from one place. You will be served by a familiar Private Banker.

We will provide advice in different stages of life. We are there for you and your family – from one generation to the next.