Reference rates

On this page you will find information on the reference rates most commonly used by Nordea.

Nordea Prime

Nordea Prime

Nordea Prime

Nordea Prime0,80 %

  • Nordea Prime Rate is intended mostly as a reference rate for private customers' long-term loans (for example housing loans) and as a reference rate for long-term deposits
  • Nordea Prime Rate follows the market interest rates at a smooth pace, but the interest development it offers is more stable
  • changes in the rate are published on the interest pages of newspapers at least 14 days before the change becomes effective. Nordea informs its customers of the change also on their account statements
  • the value of the rate is influenced by the present level of short-term and long-term market interest rates, as well as interest expectations, inflation outlook and the general prospects for economic development
  • the level of the rate is decided by Nordea Bank Abp
Changes in the Nordea Prime rate

Nordea DepositRate

Nordea DepositRate0,75 %

  • Nordea DepositRate is mainly intended as the reference rate of personal customers’ CurrentAccountPlus Account.
  • Nordea DepositRate is Nordea’s own reference rate which the bank seeks to maintain fairly stable: small changes in interest rates in the market do not affect its value.
  • Any changes in the interest rate are announced no later than 14 days before the change takes effect on the interest pages of daily newspapers.
  • The value of the Nordea DepositRate is affected by the performance of the market rates, the requirements of the bank’s funding business and the competition situation in the deposit market.
  • The level of the rate is decided by Nordea Bank Abp.


Euribor is a reference rate for the euro area's money markets and is an abbreviation of the words Euro Interbank Offered Rate. Euribor rates are based on inter-bank deposit interest rates on the international money market.

Euribor rates are calculated daily at 12.00 Finnish time for an interest rate period of 1, 2 and 3 weeks and for periods of 1–12 months. At present, there are 23 banks in the Euribor panel. The Euribor rates are calculated on the basis of the quotations given by the panel banks. The highest and the lowest 15% of the quotations are ignored and an average is published of the rest. The Euribor rates are published with three decimal places.

The Euribor rates were published for the first time on 30 December 1998 for the value date 4 January 1999. The interest rate practice in the euro area money market is based on the actual days/360 days per year. The Helibor rates are no longer quoted in Finland. Their interest calculation basis was actual days/365 days. In order for the content of old agreements not to change because of the interest calculating practice, the Euribor/365 replaced the former Helibor rate. The quotation of the Euribor/365 used for old Helibor loans will end on 3 December 2018. In loans the reference rate of which has been the Helibor, the reference rate will in future be calculated from Euribor rates using the following formula: Euribor x 365/360. 

The daily Euribor rates are available on the Internet pages of the Bank of FinlandOpens new window

Fixed interest rates

Fixed interest rates of loans are determined on the basis of the loan period and the current interest rate level prevailing in the money and capital markets. They can be fixed during the whole loan period or a shorter period agreed on separately. Fixed interest rates are applied both to mortgage loans of personal customers and corporate financing.

Fixed interest rates applied to mortgage loans

You can select a callable fixed interest rate to mortgage loan. 

Callable long term fixed interest rate mortgage

You can also select a longer-term fixed interest rate period of up to 15 years for a callable mortgage loan (LTFR). Then the loan period is 30 years and after the fixed rate period the interest rate will be changed to Nordea Prime rate + margin.

The longer-term fixed rate on a callable mortgage loan differs from the ordinary interest rate in relation to premature repayment of the loan. You can repay your callable fixed-rate mortgage loan prematurely anytime, and you will not have to pay any compensation for this to the bank. In certain cases the bank may even credit you for premature repayment of your loan. Due to these features, the callable fixed-rate mortgage loan is somewhat more expensive than the ordinary fixed interest rate.

Interest on a fixed-term investment account

The interest rate is determined according to the period and sum of the deposit.

Interest on a current account

The interest rate can be adjusted according to the account agreement by notifying customers of it at least two months beforehand. Nordea Bank Abp makes the decision of adjustment. 

Nordea Avista

The Nordea Avista reference rate is an overnight interest rate quoted by Nordea´s money market trading.

  • It is quoted daily on the basis of the overnight interest rate on the money market and Nordea´s liquidity position.
  • The interest rate is quoted for the euro and other major currencies and separately for credits ans deposits.

The Nordea Avista reference rate is used as the reference rate for cheque accounts.

The Nordea Avista currency rate is correspondingly used as the reference rate for foreign currency accounts.