Stars Funds

The Stars empower investors to make a difference by investing in responsible companies

Based on our internal analysis, Nordea's Star Funds invest in selected companies which: 

  • have effective risk management 
  • take the risks and opportunities related to the environment, human rights, working conditions and business ethics into account in their operations in an excellent manner.

Sustainable companies consider these factors in their operations in a clear and transparent manner, so in our view there are fewer risks involved in them compared to other companies. This again lays a solid ground for good long-term returns.

Future winners are sustainable

When companies tend to their obligations related to the environment, society and governance in an excellent manner and take them actively into account in their daily operations, we believe that the risks involved in these companies are lower compared to their competitors.

Using sustainable criteria, we select those companies for the Stars Funds with which we can generate stable and sustainable returns in the long term.

Thus, the Stars Funds only accept the most sustainable companies and those that have the most long-term development potential as their investment alternatives.

Nordea Global Stars Fund

Nordea Global Stars Fund

Nordea Global Stars invests globally in the equity markets. The fund belongs to Nordea’s Stars Funds. The equity selection for these funds is based on both a financial analysis and the extent to which companies manage the risks and potential related to the environment, society and governance. Only companies that master the issues related to these in proactive and structural terms and that are also attractive from the financial point of view are investment alternatives that suit this fund.

The fund has holdings in about 60 companies. The number may vary.

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Nordea Emerging Stars Fund
Nordea Nordic Stars Fund
Nordea European Stars Fund

Five characteristics of the Stars Funds

1. Focus on future winners

We believe that sustainable companies will be the winners in the future. Thus the Stars Funds can be considered long-term investments in companies that are expected to utilise their strong growth potential.

2. Positive approach

The Stars Funds aim to actively find companies that operate sustainably and manage their risks. The focus is not on exclusion of other companies from the investments.

3. In-depth analysis of sustainability

In the Stars Funds, an in-depth ESG analysis is made for all possible investment alternatives in which factors related to environmental protection, human rights, labour standards and business ethics are perused more deeply than usual.

4. A unique classification system

After the ESG analysis, the potential investment alternatives are given a classification that will be used in the final selection of the investment alternatives for the Stars Funds, in addition to a financial analysis.

5. Continuous evaluation and dialogue with the companies

We ensure that the Stars Funds, true to their name, operate by constantly evaluating the information obtained from the ESG analyses and engaging in dialogues with the investment alternative companies regularly. At Nordea, a team of experts manages both tasks.

Star funds

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