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Members of the board, auditors and contact information

The Nordea funds are managed by Nordea Funds Ltd, the leading management company in the Nordics. Nordea Funds Ltd manages a total of 206 funds in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (December 2016).

The Nordea funds are managed by Nordea Funds Ltd, the leading management company in the Nordics. Nordea Funds Ltd manages a total of 206 funds in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (December 2016); of these 64 funds are registered in Finland. The company employs 42 people, out of which 12 in Finland (December 2016).

The aggregated assets managed in the Nordea funds is 105.6 billion euros (December 2016). This means that Nordea Funds Ltd and its funds are one of the largest institutional investors in the Nordics.

Nordea Funds Ltd is part of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region. The management company has the entire group's investment expertise and resources at its disposal.

  • The operations of the Nordic fund management companies in Nordea have been restructured in 2014. The management of UCITS and alternative funds was centralised  to one fund company with domicile in Finland, Nordea Funds Ltd. At present, the fund management operations are conducted through a branch structure in the other Nordic countries.
  • Nordea Funds Ltd operates under a licence granted by the Finnish Ministry of Finance in accordance with the UCITS directive. The management company is engaged in investment fund operations and other activities materially related to them.
  • The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has granted the mana­gement company a licence to act as an alternative investment fund manager pursuant to the Finnish act on managers of alternative investment funds in March 2014.
  • The management company invests assets acquired from the public on behalf of the funds' unit holders in accordance with the fund rules. The management company acts in its own name on behalf of each fund and exercises the rights related to the assets in the fund. The management company is entitled to outsource certain functions to agents.
Nordea Funds Ltd – Board of Directors  
Nordea Funds Ltd – Auditors and contact information

Managing Director  
Henrika Vikman
Finnish citizen

Deputy Managing Director: 
Eric Christian Pedersen 
Danish citizen 

Board of Directors
Jukka Perttula, Chairman
Finnish citizen
Head of Nordea Private Banking Finland 

Cecilia Marlow
Swedish citizen, Deputy Chairman  
Professional Board Member   

Torolf Aadnesen* 
Norwegian citizen
Senior Vice President, Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas  

Katja Bergqvist
Swedish citizen
Head of Nordea Investment Solutions & Advisory Centre (ISAC) 

Nils Bolmstrand
Swedish citizen  
Head of Nordea Asset Management  

Petri Nikkilä 
Finnish citizen
Head of Personal Banking Finland,
Nordea Bank Abp, Finnish Branch 

Marianne Philip*
Danish citizen
Attorney-at-Law, Partner, Kromann Reumert 

Ellen Pløger 
Danish citizen
Head of Nordea Business Risk Implementation & Support 

Reima Rytsölä*
Finnish citizen
Executive Vice President,
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company  

Olav Osland Vik-Mo   
Norwegian citizen  
Head of Business Development,
Nordea Wealth Management 

*  Board member elected by unitholders

Management company 

Auditors of the management company and 
of the funds registered in Finland 
PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy, Firm of Authorised Public Accountants*
– principal auditor Juha Wahlroos, Authorised Public Accountant
– Martin Grandell, Authorised Public Accountant**  
Deputy auditors  
– Jukka Paunonen, Authorised Public Accountant*
– Taru Mäenpää, Authorised Public Accountant**

The auditors are Finnish citizens.

* Auditor and deputy auditor elected by the General Meeting of the management company
** Auditor and deputy auditor elected by the unitholders

Nordea Funds Ltd
(Nordea Investment Fund Company
Finland Ltd up to 11.12.2013) 
Visiting address Aleksis Kiven katu 7,
00500 Helsinki
Postal address Satamaradankatu 5,
FI-00020 NORDEA, Helsinki
Business identity code 1737785-9 
VAT code FI17377859 
Telephone +358 9 1651
Fax -
E-mail moc.aedron@8842L

Supervisory authority
The management company and its investment fund activities are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Visiting address Snellmaninkatu 6, 00170 Helsinki or Mikonkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki.  
Postal address PO Box 103, FI-00101 Helsinki
Telephone 010 831 51
Fax 010 831 5328
E-mail finanssivalvontaif.atnovlavissnanif@atnovlavissnanif 
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