Mobile Bank

In Mobile Bank, you can do your daily banking on the go. You can check your balance, pay your bills and view your cards, savings and loans quickly and easily. The drag and drop feature allows you to handily transfer money between your own accounts. You can also call us through the Mobile Bank.

The benefits of using Mobile Bank

  • Can be downloaded to iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Windows Phone 8 phones
  • Download free of charge
  • Includes our most popular daily banking services
  • Fast login with a permanent password - you can check your account balances and transfer money from one account to another without a code card
  • The app is continuously updated on the basis of our customers' wishes
  • Available around the clock

Mobile Bank allows you to:

  • view your account balances and transaction data
  • transfer money between your accounts
  • pay bills
  • read your payment details with a bar code reader and a QR code reader
  • check your card information and make own transfers from the cards’ credit facility
  • change your card settings
  • check your loan details
  • track the performance of your investments in your book-entry accounts and in funds
  • send and read encrypted messages to and from Nordea
  • calculate sums in different foreign currencies with a currency calculator

With Mobile Bank you do your daily banking conveniently

With Mobile Bank you do your daily banking safely and conveniently. We improve our services continuously on the basis of feedback from our customers. 

Mobile bank services 

Phone 8

Accounts and balancesXXXX
Card settings
SEPA payments
Transfers between own accounts and cards
Unconfirmed payments
Payment request
QR and bar code reader
Beneficiary listXXXX
Loan overviewXXXX

When you are using some other mobile device with an Internet connection, you can use netbank with your phone's browser at

Mobile Bank's service requirements

Technical service requirements:

  • The Android app is optimised to function with version 4.1 or later versions of the Android phones' operating system. 
  • The iPhone and iPad apps are optimised to function with version 8 of the iOS operating system and later versions of the system.
  • The new Windows Phone 8 app functions in all phones using the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Other service requirements:

An agreement on services used with access codes (you must be at least 15 years old)

Prices and terms

The use of Mobile Bank is included in the access codes fee. Ask your carrier about the data communication fees. Some of the services, such as card transaction browsing, are subject to a fee regardless of the device used.

Normal fee of access codes  
Monthly fee for access codes3,00 €

Prepaid access codes, one-time payment
(access codes for defined duration, service fee is charged when agreement is made)

50,00 €
Replacement of previous Netbank agreement or code card, one-time payment
5,00 €
The access codes consist of a user ID, one-time codes and confirmation codes. In addition to the service fee for access codes, additional service-specific fees may be charged as laid down in the tariff. The codes can be used through different channels; connection fees and call expenses for these are charged by the telephone operator.

General agreement terms governing services with access (pdf, 130 KB)Opens new window

Secure use of access codes (pdf, 316 KB)Opens new window

Netbank's viewing right - terms and conditions (pdf, 246 KB)Opens new window


Adoption of Mobile Bank

How do I activate Mobile Bank?

You can download Mobile Bank from the app store of your mobile device.

Mobile Bank for iPad and iPhone is downloaded from AppStore.

Mobile Bank for Windows Phone 8 phones is downloaded from Windows Store.

Mobile Bank for Android phones is downloaded from Google Play.

How do I create a permanent password to log on to Mobile Bank?

The password is created when you log on to Mobile Bank the first time. For this, you will need a user ID, a code and a confirmation code.

  1. Select "Create password". Log on with the user ID and the next free code on the code list.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions for use.
  3. Enter the password twice. Make sure that they match.
  4. You have now created your password. You may log on.
Your Mobile Phone app is not available for my mobile device. What should I do?When you are using some other mobile device with an Internet connection, you can use netbank with your phone's browser at
Bar code reader

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