Did you know that this is also possible in Mobile Bank?

Nordea’s Mobile Bank is full of handy and versatile features. You can easily check your account balance or the value of your investments with the app, but did you know that you can do a lot more in Mobile Bank?

Change your cards’ geographical restrictions in real time

Has it ever happened to you that your credit card is not functioning abroad? In Mobile Bank you can easily check whether you have set a restriction on the card that allows its use only in Finland or the Nordic countries. In Mobile Bank you can change the security limits and geographical restrictions of your cards, and the changes will take effect instantly.

This is how it works: Log in to Mobile Bank and choose the card you want to check or edit. Browse to settings.

Efficient banking through the chat service

Mobile Bank’s chat also serves you in your personal banking matters. In the chat service you can do your banking quickly and conveniently without the people around you hearing your personal matters.

This is how it works: Log in to Mobile Bank and select chat from the menu. You can also see the estimated queueing time.

The bar code reader helps you to pay bills

Have you used the handy bar code reader for paying your paper bills? You can scan the bar code at the bottom of the bill with your mobile phone’s camera and avoid entering the billing information manually. The bar code reader makes it easier for you to pay paper bills with your mobile than with a computer.

This is how it works: In Mobile Bank, start a payment and go to the section where you enter the bill’s information. Open the bar code reader by tapping the bar code reader icon at the top of the screen. Make sure that there are no shadows over the code and that the camera is focused on the code. Your phone will read the code automatically.

Pay the bills in your e-mail with the virtual bar code

Paper bills usually have a bar code readable by a camera, but the bills that arrive in your e-mail usually contain a virtual bar code. Paying such bills with the virtual bar code in Mobile Bank is fast and easy.

This is how it works: Copy the long series of numbers constituting the virtual bar code from the bill arrived in your e-mail. In Mobile Bank, start a payment and go to the section where you enter the bill’s information. Tap the bar code icon at the top of the screen to activate the camera on your phone. Select again the icon with numbers at the top of the screen. Enter the virtual bar code. The easiest way to do this is to use the copy-paste functionality on your phone.

Convert foreign currencies into euros with the currency calculator

Use the currency calculator in Mobile Bank to convert foreign currencies into euros when making online purchases, for example. It is also a handy tool when you are travelling outside the euro area. The currency calculator functions even if you are not logged in to Mobile Bank. You can also use the calculator without an internet connection. 

This is how it works: Open Mobile Bank and select the currency calculator from the menu. It functions regardless of whether you are logged in to Mobile Bank or not.

With Mobile Bank you do your daily banking safely and conveniently.

Toni Frosterus from Nordea provided these tips for Mobile Bank use.

This article by Riikka Karppinen was published on 30 June 2017. You can find the original article at the address ajassa.nordea.fi.

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