When you have FlexiPayment linked to your housing loan, you can decrease or increase the monthly installment on your loan – or even skip the installment for a month without notifying us. However, you always have to pay the interest.

Your benefits

  • FlexiPayment can be added to a new loan as well as to existing ones.
  • The loan period will extend or shorten according to the changes you make. You can only change the instalment amount. You still have to pay the interest every month.
  • If your loan has a government guarantee, a fixed interest rate or an interest subsidy (e.g. ASP loan), you cannot include the FlexiPayment feature in your loan.
  • Usually the amount of FlexiPayment can be a maximum of 10% of your loan amount.
  •  In order to obtain FlexiPayment, you need automatic debiting for your loan instalments, which is subject to a fee in accordance with our tariff.
  • The condition for FlexiPayment is that you have handled all your banking impeccably. 


You can change your monthly payment in Netbank within the limits agreed on in advance.

You can reduce the amount of your next loan instalment in Netbank without asking the bank’s permission for it. Similarly, you can increase the amount of your instalment when you have the funds for it.

Higher-than-normal instalments will release the available FlexiPayment amount for your future needs. See the instructions below for the use of FlexiPayment in Netbank.

How to change the instalments in Netbank

You can see the next instalment amount in Netbank 14 days prior to the due date, at the latest.

You change the loan instalment on the 'Due payments and transfers' display by clicking the 'Change' link.

The Netbank service will ask you to confirm the change before you log out.

Unconfirmed changes are shown in Netbank until the due date.

If you have entered the payment via the 'Change' link, but then decided to leave the payment as is, return by clicking the 'Cancel' button.

If you have clicked 'OK', remember to give the confirmation code - whether you changed the amount or not. If you do not give the confirmation code, the payment will not be paid at all.

Prices for Key Customers
Most common prices for housing loans and secured consumer credits for Key Customer
Arrangement fee *)0,4 %; 300 € minimum
Increased arrangement fee when a loan is secured by a third-party pledge or a guarantee

 *The increase does not apply to interest-subsidised ASP loans

100,00 €
Partial drawdown30,00 €
Automatic debiting of loan payments2,30 €
FlexiPayment for a new housing loan0,00 €
FlexiPayment for an existing housing loan

A fee in accordance with the tariff is charged for the automatic debit of a loan payment.

0,00 €
Advance notice of loan debiting by letter or through Netbank0,00 €
Loan payment, paper invoice6,00 €
Payment reminder to borrower, guarantor or third-party pledger (per reminder)5,00 €
Change in repayment schedule200,00 €
Change of the due date or loan servicing account (Minor change of the repayment schedule)40,00 €
Change of borrower200,00 €
Change of the applied interest or margin200,00 €
Obtaining a guarantor’s or pledge owner’s consent to amend the loan terms, such as the repayment schedule or reference rate35,00 €
Transfer of a loan to another bank upon customer’s request. Charged to the receiving bank. Does not apply to loans intermediated from government funds.120,00 €
*) Arrangement fee is charged in connection with the first drawdown and with a raise or renewal of a loan. 

Other prices related to loans and credits

Prices related to security for loans

Premature repayment of a housing loan or early closure fee

Prices for Preferred Customers
Prices for Check-in Customers
Normal price

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