Flexibility for your housing loan repayments

FlexiPayment for your housing loan

Nordea offers two instalment-free period alternatives for your housing loan: FlexiPayment and a change to your loan repayment schedule.


When you need a temporary instalment-free period for the repayment of your housing loan in case of unexpected expenses, FlexiPayment is a good solution. It will give you welcomed room for manoeuvre when your old washing machine reaches the end of its life cycle, for example. When you have linked FlexiPayment to your housing loan, you can decrease or increase the monthly instalment of your housing loan according to your needs without notifying us. During the instalment-free period, you only pay interest and expenses monthly. If your loan already has FlexiPayment, you can change the loan instalment in Netbank. If you want to link FlexiPayment to your loan, please call Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00.

Read more about FlexiPayment.

Further information on an instalment-free period with FlexiPayment is also available in Netbank under: Loans/Here is how FlexiPayment works in Netbank. Please note that FlexiPayment cannot be attached to a loan that has a state guarantee, OwnGuarantee taken out before 1 December 2011, fixed interest or interest subsidy (e.g. an ASP loan).

Change to housing loan repayment schedule

A change to your repayment schedule will bring flexibility for your finances if you need a longer-term relief for your loan repayment due to a study leave or an unpaid maternity leave, for example. In such a case, you agree with the bank on a certain instalment-free period and whether your loan period will be extended or the remaining instalments will be increased within your original loan period. During the instalment-free period you do not amortise your loan, paying only the interest and fees.

You can also apply for a credit raise in Netbank, through Nordea Customer Service or at any Nordea branch.

More information is available in Netbank at: Loans / Credit information / Submit application for change in repayment schedule.

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