ASP loan

Open an ASP account and start saving for acquisition of your first home. After you have saved for a minimum period of eight quarters and saved at least ten per cent of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest. If the loan interest rate rises over 3.8 per cent, the state will pay part of the loan interest for a 10 year period.

ASP account

  • You can start saving regularly for your first home by opening an ASP account. You can open an ASP account if you are aged between 15 and 39 years.
  • When you save in an ASP account together with your spouse, he or she can be over 40 years of age. If you are co-habitants, both of you must be under 40.
  • The first deposit must be at least 150 euros.
  • With an ASP account, you make deposits of 150–3,000 euros per each calendar quarter. The minimum number of quarterly deposits is eight, and they do not have to be in consecutive quarters.
  • The minimum saving time is about two years. 
  • Once you reach your savings target, we will lend you the rest.

ASP loan

  • The bank grants you an ASP loan for acquisition of your first home.
  • An ASP loan can also be used for building your own house or buying a home that is still under construction (RS flat).
  • An interest-subsidized loan has a maximum limit depending on your locality (see Features).
  • The home serves as security for the loan up to 75 % of the purchase price and in addition, you can obtain a free of charge State guarantee up to 90 % of the purchase price of the home. If you need a loan exceeding the amount of the interest -subsidized loan, the State guarantee will subject to a fee with regard to additional loan.
  • You cannot take an ASP loan for buying a lot, a right-of-occupancy flat or a partially owned flat.
  • The loan period is 10 to 25 years.
  • Customers may not draw down an ASP loan until they turn 18.


  • An ASP loan is composed of an interest-subsidised loan and a possible additional loan. You may be granted an additional loan when the interest-subsidised loan is not enough for the home purchase.
  • In addition to an annual 1% tax-free deposit interest, Nordea pays 4% additional interest on an ASP account for the account opening year and the next five years.
  • The interest on the interest-subsidised ASP loan is lower than on corresponding new housing loans.
  • If the loan interest rate rises over 3.8%, the state pays part of the loan interest as interest subsidy during the first ten loan years.
  • The home you are intending to buy must be located in Finland.

Maximum amounts of interest-subsidised loans

The maximum amount of interest-subsidised loans when a deal has been concluded or construction has been started on or after 1 November 2014:

  • Helsinki 180,000 euros
  • Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen 145,000 euros
  • Other municipalities 115,000 euros

Example of an ASP loan and annual percentage rate of charge (APR)

Saat lainaa kun olet säästänyt 10 % asunnon hankintahinnasta.

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Repayment methods

There are three different methods for repaying a housing loan: equal payments, equal instalments and fixed equal payments.

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Prices for Key Customers

Most common prices for housing loans and secured consumer credits for Key Customer
Arrangement fee *)0,4 %; 300 € minimum
Increased arrangement fee when a loan is secured by a third-party pledge or a guarantee

 *The increase does not apply to interest-subsidised ASP loans

100,00 €
Partial drawdown30,00 €
Automatic debiting of loan payments2,30 €
FlexiPayment for a new housing loan0,00 €
FlexiPayment for an existing housing loan

A fee in accordance with the tariff is charged for the automatic debit of a loan payment.

0,00 €
Advance notice of loan debiting by letter or through Netbank0,00 €
Loan payment, paper invoice6,00 €
Payment reminder to borrower, guarantor or third-party pledger (per reminder)5,00 €
Change in repayment schedule200,00 €
Change of the due date or loan servicing account (Minor change of the repayment schedule)40,00 €
Change of borrower200,00 €
Change of the applied interest or margin200,00 €
Obtaining a guarantor’s or pledge owner’s consent to amend the loan terms, such as the repayment schedule or reference rate35,00 €
Transfer of a loan to another bank upon customer’s request. Charged to the receiving bank. Does not apply to loans intermediated from government funds.120,00 €
*) Arrangement fee is charged in connection with the first drawdown and with a raise or renewal of a loan. 

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Premature repayment of a housing loan or early closure fee

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