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Loan for an energy-efficient renovation

A renovation improving energy efficiency is a worthwhile investment. The value of your property increases as the energy-efficient renovation reduces the maintenance backlog as well as running costs. By improving energy efficiency, you also reduce your carbon footprint.

Five reasons to seek financing for an energy-efficient renovation:

  1. Lower costs: switching to natural gas heating reduces your monthly living costs 
  2. Feel better in your home: your home becomes less draughty when you replace your windows with more energy-efficient ones
  3. Higher sale price: a well-maintained property will not only keep its value but sell faster 
  4. Lower greenhouse gas emissions: heating makes up a significant part of your household’s carbon footprint, which you can reduce by switching to a green heating system
  5. More comfortable living: an energy-efficient heating system provides you with constant room temperature that is easier to control as well as better indoor air quality 

Did you know that...?

In Finland, the main use of energy by households is for heating their homes. Energy efficiency improvements save both money and the environment. In addition to doing good for the planet, homeowners also benefit from increased property value.

Mökki saaristossa

One in two Finns hope that their future home will have a green heating solution with energy-efficient building design.

A survey by Nordea, December 2021

You can get a secured loan from us for an energy-efficient renovation if you:

  • do all your banking at Nordea and have a regular income 
  • have an asset to use as collateral (such as a home or an investment)
  • have a Finnish personal identity number and a home address in Finland
  • have a clean credit record  

Save costs and increase the value of your property

Examples of energy-efficient renovations:

  • Switching from oil heating to natural gas
  • Switching from electric heating to natural gas
  • Installing an air source heat pump
  • Installing a solar collector or solar panels
  • Installing an air-to-water heat pump
  • Replacing windows and doors with more energy-efficient ones
  • Improving insulation

Financial support for energy-efficient renovations

The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, ARA, allocates subsidies to renovation projects that improve the energy efficiency of homes.

You can apply for the subsidy from ARA. If your application is approved, you will receive the subsidy once the renovation is complete and the achieved energy savings have been verified.

You are not allowed to claim the tax credit for household expenses for the same renovation project but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t claim it for other home improvements. Read more about the subsidy.Opens new window

What is energy efficiency?