Check-in youth insurance

We offer comprehensive Check-in insurance cover for our 18–28-year-old customers. Check-in insurance provides you with cover for your home, travels and accidents - easily and affordably in the same package.

  • Easy, affordable and comprehensive insurance for our 18–28-year-old customers.
  • The Check-in package is up to 20% cheaper than the corresponding products ordered separately. The price of the package varies slightly depending on the customer's age and place of residence.
  • We will process over 70% of the claims within 24 hours. Indemnifications will be credited to your account rapidly.
  • You will get a deductible benefit of 30 euros right away, and more for each incident-free year up to 230 euros.

Insurance and cover

Insurance and cover

Check-in insurance of the person



- Cover against treatment expenses arisen from an accident30 000 euros-
- Cover against permanent handicap resulting from an accident50 000 euros-
- Cover against death after an accident5 000 euros-
Check-in home insurance for flats and terraced houses
- Movables20 000 euros150 euros
- Home fittings5 000 euros150 euros
- General liability insurance170 000 euros150 euros
- Legal expenses insurance8 500 euros20%/170 euros
Check-in travel insurance
- Traveller's coverNo upper limit-

Check-insurance is subject to special pricing. The special price benefit applies only if you buy the whole package. After you have turned 29, your Check-in insurance will change to three normal insurance policies and the special pricing will no longer apply.

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