Premium Banker and legal counsels specialising in wealth management as your partners

Do you want a partner who will manage your wealth together with you considering your situation in life? What about legal matters related to the management of your wealth? Do you need to consider them?

Premium Banker: a personal trainer for the investor

What will happen to my investments when the market fluctuates? Should I worry? Who will advise me in banking when I’m planning to change homes?

Your Premium Banker will be your contact person at Nordea in matters related to wealth management. Your Premium Banker knows your financial situation, will discuss your decisions with you and help you with the support of all the experts at Nordea. The Premium Banker will also ensure that your investment plan accounts for your total wealth. The Premium Banker will be your partner in every stage of your life.

Legal counsels will help you plan your wealth

It’s common to think that you only need a lawyer to handle the legal side of disputes. But as a matter of fact, a lawyer may turn out to be most useful when you don’t know yet that you need help.

At Nordea, legal services are an essential part of wealth management. You should discuss with our legal counsel specialising in wealth management when you need a broad review of the legal matters related to your wealth. The legal counsel will consider your situation based on the Wealth 360 plan. It’s a great and efficient way to put everything in order with a single solution.

The legal counsel will go through your life situation, needs, plans and goals as well as your total wealth and propose concrete measures that suit your situation. Such measures may include asset transfers to next generations, drawing up a will or a continuing power of attorney and donations.

Do your daily banking over the phone or online

Most of us want to have many of our daily banking needs handled quickly. For instance, if you want to renew your credit card or revise your repayment schedule, you can do it easily by calling Nordea Customer Service or online through our chat service.

You can also book an online meeting, which allows you to do your banking anywhere you want. As a Premium Customer you will not have to queue to Nordea Customer Service if you identify yourself with your access codes.