Key customer

Being a Key Customer will reward you when you do all your banking with Nordea. Our Key Customers get many valuable benefits on banking and insurance services.

Benefits of banking services

Our network of professional banking advisers is here to support you

As our Key Customer, you can make use of our network of professional banking advisers operating with flexible service hours. You can manage loan negotiations, insurance policies, savings and investments easily at an online meeting, for example.

Get many daily banking services free of charge

For example a current account and e-account statement in Netbank are free of charge for Key Customers. Key Customers get free access codes which lend themselves to many uses, such as accessing Netbank or Mobile Bank and identifying yourself when calling our Customer Service (Mon-Fri 10.00 - 16.30). Paying bills is easy in Netbank - for instance using e-invoice.

You can withdraw and deposit cash at Nordea branches and at Otto. ATMs free of charge.

As a Key Customer, you get the Nordea Gold card  without any annual or monthly fees. The card includes travel insurance when travelling abroad and a handy Product Safety Insurance.

Individual savings plan

When you are our Key Customer, we will draft a tailored wealth management plan for you, covering questions related to saving. As a Key Customer you can also save regularly in Nordea funds under a fund savings agreement without a subscription fee.

Loans and credits

FlexiPayments brings flexibility to your loan instalments.

Other benefits

Our Key Customers get many valuable benefits. Here are some examples. We will be happy to tell you more about your excellent benefits.

  • Additional cover for personal risk insurances from Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd.
  • Inexpensive tailored Nordea If general insurance policies.
  • If’s insurance policies bought via Nordea are also included for a Key Customer. 
  • You can call Nordea Customer Service Mon-Fri 08.00 - 18.00.
  • If there is a queue at Customer Service, you get past the queue by identifying yourself with your access codes.
  • If you move permanently or temporarily to Norway, Sweden or Denmark, you will get benefits on banking and insurance services that correspond to the Key Customer status in Finland.
  • If you wish, the Key Customer status and its benefits will also be applied to your spouse or partner and all your children under 18 living at home.

Key Customer criteria

You can sign up as a Key Customer if you or your family have with us:

  • an account for regular income*, and
  • products or services from at least five product groups, and
  • at least 30,000 euros in savings and loans.

Only customers who do not have non-performing credits or credits in collection can be Key Customers. 

*Regular income means that a total of at least 500 euros is deposited to current accounts during three consecutive months; salary, pension or business income, for example.

What are considered savings and loans

The total savings and loans of you and your family are included in your banking as a Key Customer. 

All deposits in bank accounts, savings under investment and insurance policies of Nordea Life Assurance Finland, as well as investments in funds managed by Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland, bonds issued by Nordea Bank Finland, and all shares in Nordea's safe custody are considered savings. A joint account or investment is split equally between the parties.

Nordea credits as well as FlexiCredits and MasterCard credits, A1 car credits and Käyttöluotto credits granted by Nordea Finance Finland to the amount the limit or credit is in use are considered loans if they have been repaid according to agreement. A joint loan is split equally between the parties. 

Product groups

  • Access codes
  • Trading services in Netbank
  • MasterCard or Visa
  • Visa Electron or Visa Dedit card
  • Direct debit, direct payment, e-invoice or electronic account statement
  • Housing loan or loan for holiday home
  • HomeFlex
  • FlexiCredit*, A1 car credit*, Käyttöluotto*, student loan or other credit from Nordea Bank Finland
  • PerkAccount, Growth Account, ASP Account or fund savings agreement**
  • InterestExtra Account, Fixed-interest Investment Account, Revolving Fixed-term Prime Account or DepositPlus account
  • Single investment in funds** 
  • Pension insurance*** 
  • Nordea Endowment, Target savings or Nordea Capital*** 
  • Securities in custody on a Nordea book-entry account 
  • Loan cover***,  Personal life insurance***, Interest Rate Cap or OwnGuarantee 
  • If's insurance policies bought via Nordea****

* FlexiCredit, A1 car credit and Käyttöluotto are granted by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd.

** Fund savings agreement or one-time investment in funds managed by Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd, eg Nordea European Fund.

*** Insurances are granted by Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd. Insurance policies are sold by the branches of the agent Nordea Bank AB (publ), Suomen sivuliike.

****Insurances are available from If P&C Insurance Company and sold by Nordea Bank AB (publ), Suomen sivuliike.


Everyday banking services

Key customersNormal
Current account, monthly fee0,00 €2,00 €
Access codes, monthly fee0,00 €3,00 €
Bill payment with access codes in Netbank0,00 €0,00 €
Nordea Gold Mastercard, monthly fee0,00 €6,25 €
Nordea Gold Mastercard, annual fee0,00 €75,00 €
Nordea Credit Mastercard, monthly fee0,00 €4,30 €
Nordea Credit Mastercard, annual fee0,00 €52,00 €

Other services

Key customersNormal
Subscriptions to Nordea funds on the basis of a savings agreement0 €0 - 1 % of the amount of the subscription

PerkAccount (minimum interest 0,05 %)

Nordea Prime -1,25%Nordea Prime -3,25 %
Safe custody fee for Finnish securities1,95 € per month2,95 € per month
Nordea Personal life insurance10 % discountNormal price
Additional benefit for death cover (Personal life insurance and Loan cover, benefit confirmed yearly)20 % discountNormal price
Safe-deposit box10 - 15 € /month20 - 30 € /month