Children 0 to 7 years

The earlier you start saving with or for your child, the more secure your child's future will be.

Saving for your child

Start saving in time

In saving, time is on your side, which makes saving for your child especially rewarding. Over the years, you can accrue nice savings with a small monthly sum for a young adult to help pay for a driving licence, a student exchange year or rent collateral, or to make a down payment on their first home.

You can donate money to your child tax-free if the value of the gift is less than 5,000 euros during three years. If you distribute this amount evenly for a three-year period, the monthly sum saved may be no more than 138 euros.

If you save on an account, your capital is protected. When interest rates are low, the yield is low, too, but the account funds are covered by a deposit guarantee.

You can obtain a better yield if you invest in funds. In regular monthly saving, the time diversification evens out market fluctuation. However, the value of funds varies day by day.

If you are wondering which form of saving would suit you best or if you have already decided to start fund saving for your child, please contact our Customer Service.

Saving for a baby rewarded

We want to encourage our customers to save for their children. We will give a gift for your baby aged less than six months when you start regular saving for your child and direct the child allowances to your account in Nordea. The gift is worth 20 euros when you start regular saving in an account and 40 euros when you start regular saving in a fund.