Lähimaksukortti maksupäätteen päällä

When your card is not working

If you’re unable to pay with your card, the problem can often be fixed by editing your card settings. This page contains instructions and tips that you should try when your card doesn’t work at a payment terminal, at an ATM or online.

Here’s how you can check your available balance and security limits

Check the available balance on your account and credit

  • Check how much money you have available to use on your bank or credit account. You can see your card information in mobile bank and Netbank, or in the Wallet app. You can also view your balance or credit transactions at an ATM. A fee will be charged for a balance query made at an ATM; see our tariff on balance queryOpens new window

  • The spending limit of a parallel card determines how much credit the parallel card holder can use during an invoicing period. The principal cardholder can agree on raising the spending limit by calling Nordea Customer Service and identifying themselves with their access codes, or through the chat in mobile bank or Netbank. 

Note that a repayment of the credit may take a few days before it is shown on the account.

Check your card’s security limits

You can change the withdrawal and payment limits on your card in mobile bank or Netbank. 

It is sensible to ordinarily keep your card’s security limits low and to change them when you’re about to make a larger purchase. This way, you can minimise the damage if your card falls into the wrong hands. Other things to check in mobile bank or Netbank:  

  • usage area
  • Internet use.

Online gambling is prevented on cards issued or renewed after 9 May 2018 (does not automatically apply to annually renewed cards). You can remove the block by calling Nordea Customer Service. 

Payment terminal

Payment terminal

If you card is not working at a payment terminal, check the following:

If you card is not working at a payment terminal, it may be because of a technical delay or disturbance in international telecommunications connections and the connection is slow. Still, check the following:

  • That the chip is not dirty or the magnetic stripe too worn out. You can clean the chip by wiping it against a cloth
  • Whether you have inserted the card in the reader deep enough
  • If the tricks listed above did not help, please contact Nordea Customer Service at 0200 70 000.
  • Start using Google Pay or Apple Pay and make payments by taking your mobile phone close to the contactless payment terminal. It’s like paying with a card – only more convenient. Read more about the mobile payment alternatives.
Online payments

Contact Nordea Customer Service  

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 18.00

0200 70000 (lnc/mcc*)

* local network charge/mobile call charge