Report an attempted swindle

If you suspect Netbank fraud

Contact Nordea immediately. Nordea will carry out the needed actions to prevent further consequences. This can include blocking the current Netbank agreement or setting limitations on the usage of Netbank. If possible you can also provide screenshots of the suspicious Netbank behaviour.

Do not use your device (pc, tablet, mobile) for netbank or internet purposes until the possible malware has been removed. Use only devices that are not infected. If the online fraud took place due to malware (link to malware) on your pc, tablet or mobile, it is important to disinfect the device. Some malware cannot be removed without re-installing the operating system.
If the online fraud was due to phishing [link to phishing], you should run the antivirus program regularly and always keep it updated as a precaution.

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Report a phishing e-mail message

If you have received a phishing e-mail message that has been made to look as if it had been sent from Nordea, you can forward it to the e-mail address below. After sending it, delete the e-mail and do not open any attached link or file.

Raportoi huijausyrityksestä 

Please note that

  • you cannot send any questions concerning phishing to the address above; it is only meant for reporting suspicions of fraud.
  • you will not get a reply to your e-mail but the information you have sent can be used to track and close down harmful websites.

If you have given your access codes to third parties, report it immediately by calling Nordea Customer Service. Outside Customer Service opening hours, call the blocking service at 020 333 (24 hours a day) and from abroad +358 20 333 (24 hours a day).

Card security

If your card gets lost or stolen, block it immediately by calling the card blocking service.

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Protect your device

You can improve web security by making sure that your Internet browser, antivirus software and firewall software are regularly updated.

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Netbank and access codes allow Nordea to offer secure banking services and to protect your information according to the laws and legislation concerning information security.

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Beware of malware

If you receive an e-mail which asks you to give data on your banking details, you must delete it and not reply to it under any circumstances.

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