Frequently asked questions about payment and credit cards

Lost card and fraud

How can I block a lost/stolen card?

The easiest way to block your card is to do it in mobile bank. select the desired card from mobile bank’s accounts section and then select -> Block card. You can block the use of the card temporarily or cancel the card permanently. If you cancel your card permanently, you will be sent a new card automatically.

What should I do if I have lost my card?

Cancel your card immediately if you have lost it or if your card details have fallen into the wrong hands. 

In Nordea Mobile you can cancel a card by selecting the card and navigating to Security > Cancel the card. In Nordea Netbank you can cancel a card under Finances > Cards > select the card you want to cancel > Blocking > Cancel your card. We will automatically send you a new card to replace the cancelled one within 1–2 weeks.

If you think you can still find your card, you can set a temporary block on the card.

How do I report a lost card and file a complaint?

If your card is lost or fallen into the wrong hands, it’s important to act fast. In mobile bank, you can instantly block the use of the card temporarily or cancel the card permanently. If your card has fallen into the wrong hands and you notice transactions in your account you don’t recognise, file a card complaint. See our instructions on what to do when your card is lost or you want to file a card complaint.Opens new window

When and how do I make a card complaint?

If you don’t recognise a purchase made with your card, contact the seller first. If you are unable to contact them or resolve the issue with them, block your card in Nordea Mobile or the new Netbank or call the Blocking Service, tel. +358 20 333 (24/7).

Report the transactions you don’t recognise to Nordea by filling in the card complaint form. Please note that you can only file a complaint about finalised transactions and not authorisation holds.

See our instructions on filing a card complaintOpens new window. Here you will also find the card complaint form and instructions for submitting the form.

NB. You can report transactions made with credit cards issued by Nordea (card numbers starting with 522) online at

Card usage

My card doesn’t work, what should I do?

There may be various reasons for why your card isn’t working. Read more on our page “When your card is not working”Opens new window where we have compiled the most typical situations in which your card might not be working and instructions on how to fix it.

I have forgotten my PIN. Where can I find it?

You can check your PIN easily and free of charge from either mobile bank or Netbank. In mobile bank, you can check your PIN by selecting the card and tapping PIN code -> Show PIN. In Netbank, you can check your PIN under Overview or Finances -> Cards -> select card -> View PIN -> Show PIN. 

How can I make changes to the security limits, usage area and online usage of my card?

Your card’s security settings can be changed in the old Netbank under Everyday finances -> Cards -> Security limits/Usage area and Internet. 

In the new Netbank, you can change the security settings by going to Finances -> Cards. Select the card whose settings you wish to change and edit the settings under ‘Card details’.

How can I order a new card to replace a broken one?

You can order a new card in Netbank. Renewal orders are subject to a fee set in our tariff.

How can I start using contactless payments with Nordea cards?

The contactless payment feature is included in all new and renewed cards issued by Nordea. When you are paying with your card that has the contactless payment feature for the first time, insert your card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN. Contactless debit payments are activated with a debit purchase and contactless credit payments are activated with a credit purchase.

How do I renew my card when it’s about to expire?

Expiring cards will be renewed automatically. You will be able to use your card until the end of the last month of validity stated on the front of your card. You will receive a new card by post at least two weeks before your old card expires. Please check if you have already received a new card in the mail to your home address. 

How do I terminate and cancel my card?

If you want to terminate and cancel your card, please contact Nordea Customer Service via chat or by phone, tel 0200 70 000. Service in English is available Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00. We recommend that all our customers have at least two cards. This way you are covered if you break or lose one of your cards. Check if your Mobile Plus or Basic packageOpens new window includes two cards free of charge.

I have ordered a new card. How will I get it?

Nordea cards are primarily delivered to your home address in Finland, which you have provided to Nordea. You will receive the card within about one week and a half from the card order. The delivery is free. 

Alternatively, cards can be ordered as urgent to the customers' home address in Finland, which the customer have provided to Nordea. The card is expected to arrive within a week. The urgent order is subject to a fee (EUR 10) and it must be made through Nordea Customer Service.

Further information on card deliveries to a foreign address, for example, is available from Nordea Customer Service.

Invoicing and investigation of transactions

How do I check my credit card transactions?

You can check your credit card transactions and balance in the following services: Nordea Wallet, Nordea Mobile and Netbank. You can also view your invoices in the e-invoice archive and log in to Nordea Finance’s OmaLuotto service using the online banking codes of other banks. Your credit card invoice serves as your account statement.

To view your credit card transactions in Nordea Mobile, select your card on the Home page or Overview page. Depending on the card type, you will be able to see your transactions for the past 1–3 months. Older transactions are available on your previous invoices or in the Nordea Wallet app.

To browse your credit card transactions in the new Netbank, select your card on the Home page. Depending on the card type, you will be able to see your transactions for the past 1–3 months. If you can’t see any transactions, you need to enable card transaction queries. Older transactions are available on your previous invoices or in the Nordea Wallet app.

You can enable card transaction queries in the old Netbank. Go to Edit Netbank > Optional credit card services. Tick the box that says “Query” and click “Save”. The transaction query is free of charge.

Please note that the name of the seller under a card transaction may be different from the name of the creditor on your invoice in cases of restaurants and taxi companies, for example.

What does the 30-day interest-free payment period mean in credit cards?

The interest-free payment period is in practice a free loan for at least 30 days.  

Example: buying a vacuum cleaner

The due date of the credit card bill is the 15th of each month and the billing period is from 25 March to 26 April. We recommend that you choose the date on which you receive regular income as the due date to make it easy for you to pay the bill when you have money available. 

1 April You buy a vacuum cleaner.

15 April Due date of the credit card bill, on which you pay the bill for the previous billing period (March).

26 April Billing period changes. Any purchases made after this date will be billed in June.

15 May Due date for purchases made in April, including the vacuum cleaner in this case.

If you had bought the vacuum cleaner on 26 April, you would still pay it on 15 May. If you had bought the vacuum cleaner on 27 April, the due date would be 15 June instead. You can optimise the billing period of your credit card bill and make it as long as possible. You can have an interest-free payment period of as long as 45 days if you buy the vacuum cleaner on 27 April. 

How can I change the due date and instalment percentage of my credit card?

You can change the due date and instalment percentage of your credit card in the old Netbank under Everyday finances -> Cards -> Changes to credit card -> Other changes to credit card. You can change the due date free of charge, but changing the instalment percentage is subject to a fee set in our tariff.

What changes can I make independently to my card bills?

You can view and change the instalment-free months as well as the due date and instalment percentage of your credit card bill in the old Netbank under Daily finances > Cards > Changes to credit card. Changes to the instalment percentage are subject to a fee set in the tariff for changing the repayment schedule.

If you want to change the due date or instalment percentage of a bill that has already been generated, contact our Customer Service via chat or by calling 0200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge). The change is subject to a fee set in our tariff.

See your credit card bill to check the billing period, monthly transactions and payment details. The breakdown for e-invoices is available in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile.


How do I start using Nordea Wallet?

Nordea Wallet is an app which brings together all purchases made with your Nordea cards. You can start using the app when you have a Nordea card and the Nordea Codes app. You can download Nordea Wallet on the newest iOS and Android phones.

With Nordea Wallet you can easily track your card purchases and see them divided into different categories, such as food and home.

Read more about Nordea Wallet

How do I repay my credit card debt in Nordea Mobile or Nordea Netbank with the amount I want?

You can make extra instalments or pay off your debt whenever you want. You can also increase the total of your credit card bill. Here are more specific instructions for different cards.

Repayments of Nordea Finance’s credit cards (numbers starting with 543) are easy to make in Nordea Mobile. Select your card on the Home page and tap ‘Pay and transfer’. Select Used credit > Pay back. You can now set the amount that you want to pay. Other details will be filled in automatically. 

You can also repay your credit card debt in Nordea Netbank. Select your card on the Overview page and click ‘Pay back’. Select the payment account and the repayment amount. Other details will be filled in automatically. Your repayment will show immediately.

You can easily pay off your credit card debt whenever you want. You can see the current credit balance in Nordea Mobile and Nordea Netbank under the card details.

Repayments of credit cards issued by Nordea Bank (numbers starting with 522) should be made in Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile as new payments. The payment details of each credit card will remain the same on all bills, so check your previous bill or account transactions to find the account number and reference.

You can easily pay off your credit card debt on the due date of the next bill. See the bill for the total credit balance and interest up to the due date.

If necessary, you can check the end balance of credit cards with a number starting with 522 by calling Nets’ Nordea Card customer service at 09 6964 6011 (Mon–Fri 8.00–20.00).

Card insurance

What does Product Safety Insurance in my credit card compensate?

The insurance covers damaged or broken products worth at least 100 euros in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions. The only requirement is that you have purchased the product with the credit facility of your Nordea card. Product Safety Insurance will be valid for 180 days from the purchase date. Product Safety Insurance is included in the following cards: Nordea Credit, Nordea Gold, Mastercard Premium, Nordea Platinum and Nordea Black.

Read more 

What does international travel insurance in my credit card compensate?

Your credit card includes travel insurance which is valid on leisure trips abroad. It includes cover in case of illness and accidents, lost or damaged luggage and trip cancellation. It is in force on leisure trips when at least 75% (with Finnair Plus Mastercard 100%) of the total travel and accommodation expenses are paid with the card’s credit facility. 

International travel insurance is included in the following cards: Nordea Gold, Mastercard Premium, Nordea Platinum, Nordea Black and Finnair Plus Mastercard.

Read more about

insurance terms and conditions, insurance certificates and 

Tryg customer service

Lue tarkemmin vakuutusehdoista sekä vakuutustodistuksesta  ja Trygin asiakaspalvelusta

Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia Apple Paystä

Mikä on Apple Pay?

Apple Pay on Applen tuottama palvelu, jossa voit tehdä luottokorttimaksuja Apple Pay –mobiilisovelluksen avulla omalla iPhonellasi, iPadillasi, Apple Watchillasi tai Mac-tietokoneellasi. Maksaminen on siis mahdollista näillä laitteilla, ilman fyysistä muovikorttia.

Millä laitteilla voin käyttää Apple Pay -palvelua?

Voit käyttää Apple Pay -palvelua seuraavilla laitteilla:


iPhone (iOS 11+)

iPhone X

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone SE

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch (1. sukupolvi)


iPad (5th generation)

iPad Pro (12.9-tuumainen)

iPad Pro (9.7-tuumainen

iPad Air 2

iPad mini 4

iPad mini 3


MacBook Pro Touch ID –tekniikalla

Mac-tietokoneet 2012 vuosimallista eteenpäin yhdessä iPhone-puhelimen tai Apple Watch –kellon kanssa, joissa on Apple Pay –aktivoituna.

Kuinka otan Apple Payn käyttöön?

Jos käytät mobiilipankkia tai Nordea Wallet -sovellusta:

Mene “Omat korttini” osioon ja valitse maksukortit, jotka haluat liittää, valitse toiminnoista “Lisää Apple Wallettiin” ja seuraa ohjeita. Vahvista liittäminen pankkitunnuksillasi.

Jos käytät Apple Wallet -sovellusta:

Avaa sovellus, lisää maksukorttisi Apple Wallet –sovellukseen ja vahvista Nordea Walletin tai pankkitunnusten avulla tai asiakaspalvelun kautta.

Missä voin maksaa Apple Payllä?


Voit maksaa Apple Payllä kaupassa kun näet maksupäätteessä lähimaksutunnisteen.


Voit myös käyttää Apple Pay –palvelua verkkokaupoissa ja monissa sovelluksissa.

Sovellukset ja verkkosivut

Käytä "Pay with Apple Pay" (Maksa Apple Payllä) painiketta tai “Apple Pay as a payment method" (Valitse maksutavaksi Apple Pay) vaihtoehtoa.

Miten maksan Apple Payllä?


Pidä iPhone lähellä langatonta maksupäätettä ja sormeasi Touch ID -painikkeella. Apple Watch –kellolla, tuplaklikkaa sivun painiketta ja pidä kelloa maksupäätteen vieressä.

Sovelluksissa ja verkkosivuilla

Valitse maksutavaksi Apple Pay ja vahvista sormenjälkesi avulla Touch ID:n kautta.


Valitse maksutavaksi Apple Pay ja vahvista iPhonen tai Apple Watch –kellon kautta.

Edellyttääkö Apple Payn käyttäminen kaupassa verkkoyhteyttä?

Ei. Maksaminen tapahtuu lähimaksua tukevien maksupäätteiden kautta. Tunnistat tällaisen maksupäätteen lähimaksamisesta kertovasta kaarisymbolista. 

Millä maksukorteilla voin käyttää Apple Pay -palvelua?

Apple Pay -palvelua voi käyttää kaikilla Nordean henkilöasiakkaiden korteilla. Käyttö onnistuu myös yritysasiakkaiden Nordea First Card-, Nordea Business Mastercard- ja Business Visa -korteilla sekä henkilöasiakkaiden Stockmann-, Finnair Plus- ja Tuohi-yhteistyökorteilla. 

Voinko maksaa Apple Payllä, vaikka kortissani ei ole lähimaksumahdollisuutta?

Kyllä voit. Apple Payhin voi liittää myös kortit, joissa ei ole lähimaksumahdollisuutta. 

Miten maksu vahvistetaan?

Kun käytät Apple Paytä kaupassa, maksua ei tarvitse erikseen vahvistaa. Riittää, että avaat puhelimen lukituksen ja viet puhelimen maksupäätteen lähelle. 

Kun maksat ostoksia verkossa, valitse maksutavaksi Apple Pay ja seuraa ohjeita. 

Miten Apple Pay eroaa lähimaksukortilla maksamisesta?

Apple Payllä voit maksaa myös yli 25 euron ostokset. Avaa puhelimen lukitus ja vie puhelin maksupäätteen lähelle. Maksua ei tarvitse vahvistaa erikseen, kunhan puhelimen lukitus on avattu.

Mistä tiedän, että maksu onnistui?

Maksupääte ilmoittaa, kun maksu on hyväksytty. Verkossa maksu on onnistunut, kun näet ilmoituksen hyväksytystä maksusta. 

Mistä ja milloin ostokset veloitetaan?

Ostokset veloitetaan kortiltasi samaan tapaan kuin normaalisti kortilla maksaessasi. Ostokset näkyvät sovelluksessa välittömästi maksamisen jälkeen.

Kuinka turvallinen Apple Pay on?

Hyvin turvallinen. Apple Pay käyttää vahvoja turvallisuustoimintoja, jotka on rakennettu suoraan puhelimeesi ja sen ohjelmistoon. Apple ei pääse käsiksi maksukorttisi tietoihin, eikä niitä luovuteta myöskään kauppiaalle maksutapahtuman yhteydessä. 

Apple Pay käyttää jokaiseen ostokseen laitekohtaista numeroa ja uniikkia maksutapahtumakoodia ja jokainen maksutapahtuma vaatii sinulta vahvistuksen Touch ID:llä tai tunnuskoodilla. Muistathan aina käyttää turvallisia salasanoja tai koodeja, ei esimerkiksi 1,2,3,4 tai 0,0,0,0.

Jos puhelimesi katoaa, eivät ulkopuoliset näe korttitietojasi tai pääse maksamaan puhelimellasi ilman tunnistautumista. Jos taas korttisi katoaa, saat uudet heti käyttöön puhelimeesi. 

Kuulun kanta-asiakasohjelmaan, joka on yhdistetty korttiini. Saanko Apple Payllä maksamisesta kanta-asiakasohjelman pisteitä?

Valitettavasti Apple Pay ei tue useimpia pohjoismaisia kanta-asiakasohjelmia, jotka on yhdistetty maksukorttiin. Se, onko pisteiden kerääminen mahdollista, riippuu siitä, onko kanta-asiakasohjelmaa tarjoava yritys kehittänyt sitä varten erillisen sovelluksen. Kysy lisätietoja yritykseltä, jonka kanta-asiakasohjelmaan kuulut.

Onko Apple Payn käyttöön ikärajaa?

Apple Payn käyttöön tarvittavan Apple ID:n ikäraja on 13 vuotta, eli sama ikäraja koskee käytännössä myös Apple Payn käyttöä.  

Apple Payn asennus ei onnistu, mitä teen?

Mikäli sinulla on ongelmia Apple Pay -sovelluksen käytössä, teknistä tukea löydät osoitteesta: new window 

Kirjoita sivulla olevaan hakukenttään Apple Pay ja löydät sovelluksen tukisivuston. 

Questions and answers

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is the simple and convenient way to pay in stores, online and in-apps using your Android devices.  

Which devices I can use Google Pay with?

Any Android smartphones and tablets running Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. To make in-store payments, your phone also needs to support NFC (Near Field Communication). To check for NFC, look for it in your phone’s Settings app. 

My Android device is Lollipop 5.0 or above, but I encounter problems when using Google Pay. What to do?

We have been reported that some devices might have issues/bugs with Google Pay, in such a case, please contact your device manufacturer. 

How do I add my card on Google Pay?

You have three ways to add your card on Google Pay:

Nordea Digital Mobile 

  1. Download Nordea Digital Mobile
  2. Click on “Add to Google Pay” and just follow the instructions
  3. Accept terms and conditions

Through Nordea Wallet

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Nordea Wallet (Google Play)–app and open it.
  2. Choose your card and click ”Add to Google Pay”
  3. Follow registration steps and your card details are added.
  4. Accept the terms & conditions
  5. Download Google Pay app

Through Google Pay

  1. Download Google Pay from Google Play an open it
  2. Click “+ Payment method” button on the payment –tab and just follow the instructions. 
  3. Accept Terms & Conditions
  4. Confirm registration in the Nordea Wallet –app

Do I need to download Google Pay -app to make payments with Google Pay?

Google Pay can be used without Google Pay -app. However, if you want to e.g. change your default card, you need the application so it is recommended to be installed. 

Where I can pay with Google Pay?

You can pay with your Android Phone at hundreds of thousands of merchants. Easily pay wherever contactless payments are accepted. You can also use Google Pay in many of your favorite apps. Just look for the Buy with Google Pay button. You can see the apps that accept Google Pay on the Google Play Store.

How do I pay with Google Pay?

When paying in-store:

  1. For low value payments (under NFC limit) you just need to hold your device near the contactless payment terminal. For high value payments (exceeding NFC limit) you need to unlock your device and hold it near the terminal. No need to open the app.
  2. Hold the back of your device near the contactless payment terminal and wait for the blue checkmark.

When paying within apps:

With Google Pay, you can check out in hundreds of apps without having to enter your payment information. Catch a ride, order takeout, or get tickets to that just-announced show with the simple press of a button. Just look for the Buy with Google Pay button.

Do I need internet connection when paying in-store using Google Pay?

You don’t need. Paying is executed through payment terminals that support traditional contactless card payments. Just look for the contactless payment -symbol. 

Which payment cards I can use with Google Pay?

All Nordea consumer cards are available for Google Pay, as well as the corporate card Nordea First Card. For Finland also: Nordea Business Mastercard and Business Visa and the co-branded consumer cards Stockmann, Finnair Plus and Tuohi.

Can I pay with Google Pay if I don't have a NFC enabled cards?

Yes. With Google Pay you can also use your cards that don’t support NFC payments. 

How do I confirm payment?

You don’t specifically need to confirm your payment when paying in store – just open your phone and hold it close to the terminal. 

When paying online follow the instructions when using Google Pay at the checkout. 

How does Google Pay differ from traditional NFC paying?

You can also pay purchases exceeding (Norway: NOK 200,- Finland: EUR2 5, Sweden: SEK 200, Denmark: DKK 350,-) Just unlock your phone and hold it near the contactless payment terminal. No need to verify each payment separately as long as the phone is unlocked.

How do I know that the payment was successful?

Payment terminal lets you know when your payment has been accepted. In online, payment process is finished when you see the notification of accepted payment. 

Where and when payment is executed?

Your payments are charged similarly as when paying with your card. You will see your purchases immediately in your application.

Can I use Google Pay with my rooted Android device?

Unfortunately, Google Pay won’t work on a rooted device.

How secure is Google Pay?

When you use your phone to pay in stores, Google Pay doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead, a virtual account number is used to represent your information – so your card details stay safe.

I have a loyalty scheme attached to my card. Am I able to collect points also when paying with mobile?

Unfortunately, in most cases Google Pay doesn’t support Nordic loyalty schemes attached to payment cards. However, this is dependent if the company providing loyalty scheme has developed a separate solution for this. Please ask your loyalty scheme provider for more information.

What should I do if my phone gets lost?

Android Device Manager ( ) will help you find, lock, and erase your phone. Also, you can simply search “Find my phone” and Google will show you where it is on a map. There’s no need to cancel your credit card. 

In addition, please remember that Nordea 24/7 Customer Service is always ready to help you if your phone or card is lost.