Card security

Look after your card as you tend to your cash and make sure regularly that you have your card with you. Do not leave it unattended in a car, on a restaurant table, or in your office or hotel room. If your card gets lost or stolen, block it immediately by calling the card blocking service (tel 020 333).

A card is safer than cash

Limiting the use of the card increases security as the card can only be used within the limits you have set. You can change the usage limitations on your card in Netbank or in the Mobile Bank app as necessary. 

  • With security limits you can set daily purchase and withdrawal limits in euros on your card.
  • By limiting the usage area you can limit the geographical usage area of your card. The geographical restrictions do not apply to online purchases.
  • With online settings you can allow or prevent the use of your card on the Internet.

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General recommendations for card use

  • Use your card in accordance with Nordea's card terms and conditions.
  • Keep the card and the PIN in separate places. Your card and its PIN are personal.
  • Never give your card or tell the PIN to any third parties. Even a banking officer or a police officer will never ask you to tell your PIN.
  • Prevent outsiders from seeing your PIN when you key it in at ATMs, payment terminals at shops or other places of use.
  • Block your card immediately when you notice that your card is lost by calling 020 333 or Nordea Customer Service or by visiting your nearest Nordea branch. If your card is stolen, remember to report it to the police as well.
  • Monitor your card transactions in Netbank or on your invoices. If you do not recognise a transaction, submit a card debit inquiry to Nordea at, call Nordea Customer Service or visit one of our branches.
  • We recommend that you take two cards with you when travelling to ensure smooth payments. If one of the cards gets lost or stolen, you can still make payments with the other card.

Instructions for different card use situations

Banking at payment terminals and ATMs

  • Please pay attention when you use your card for paying or withdrawing cash at an ATM. Watch out if you detect something that is out of the ordinary.
  • Do not let other people see the PIN when you are keying it in.
  • Check the total amount of your purchases before you confirm the payment and ask for a receipt.
  • Be cautious with people who want to help or advise you when you are withdrawing cash at an ATM.
  • Remember to retrieve your card and cash from the ATM.
  • If you detect something suspicious with an ATM, do not use it but contact the bank or ATM supplier whose contact details are given on the ATM.

Instructions for online banking

  • We recommend that you allow online use for your card only when you are making purchases. You can change your card's online settings easily in Netbank (Cards -> Usage area and Internet) or in the Mobile Bank app.
  • Write the card number and validity in the same form as they are on your card.
  • Save the printout, copy or your discussion with the online merchant regarding your order.
  • Make sure that the company has a phone number and an address and that you know how to make a complaint of your purchase if need be.
  • Do not give the number of your card unless you plan to buy something.
  • Never send the number of your credit card in an open e-mail message.

Protect your device

You can improve web security by making sure that your Internet browser, antivirus software and firewall software are regularly updated.

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Beware of malware

If you receive an e-mail which asks you to give data on your banking details, you must delete it and not reply to it under any circumstances.

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Netbank and access codes allow Nordea to offer secure banking services and to protect your information according to the laws and legislation concerning information security.

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Report an attempted online hoax

If you suspect a netbank scam contact Nordea immediately.

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