Welcome to new Nordea.fi

Welcome to our new site

We are proud to present our new site and hope you enjoy both the new design and the improved user experience!

Redesign all devices

Login to Netbank made easy

The access to the online bank will stay in its place in the top right corner. The login also follows you when you scroll the page being always available for you.You can log in to Netbank in the top right corner of the website. The Netbank button is visible and accessible throughout your entire visit to our site. 

Redesign log in

Navigate our site with ease

All our products and services are available in the top menu. You can use your mouse to navigate between different products and product categories and select the one you want to read more about. The navigation has been designed especially with touch screens in mind, ensuring a great user experience for phone users, too.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can find answers on our Support and FAQ pages. You can select the most convenient form of contact for you in the “Contact us” section at the end of each page.  

Help us to continue developing our site

We are constantly working towards improving the quality of our site and making it easier to use. For instance, we are aiming at improving information availability when urgent assistance is needed. 

In future, we will be focusing on developing our site based on customer feedback. We have created a separate feedback form for website development.

We are also developing our site’s design based on customer feedback. In addition, we will soon add new content that provides guidance on the most common situations in life.