Open an account and services online for an underage child

Our online service is a convenient way of opening a disposal account for your child’s personal use and a PerkAccount for their savings. When your child’s banking needs increase, you can also order a card and open Netbank services for them.

Banking services that you can open online for a child:

  • Disposal Account and Nordea Electron card 
    Good to know: If you order a Visa Electron card for your child online, a new current account will automatically be opened and the card will be attached to this account. If your child already has a current account to which you want to attach a new card, please order the card by calling Nordea Customer Service. 
  • PerkAccount for savings
  • Access codes for Mobile Bank and Netbank use
    Good to know: The e-identification with which the child (if under 15 years of age) can log in to a third party’s services, such as Kela’s pages, must be activated at a branch. If a minor visits a branch alone, they will need a power of attorney from their parents. Customers who have turned 15 may activate the e-identification feature required for their online banking codes without their guardians’ permission when they themselves have opened an account and a Netbank agreement for their own income.

The guardians agree jointly on the opening of an account and services for an underage child. By law, the approval of both guardians is needed for the application unless one of the parents has single guardianship. The parents agree jointly on the user right to the account. 

Please note that it may take more than a week before the services you have opened become available.

How to open banking services online for a child:

1. Log in with Nordea’s access codes.

For the application, you need: 

  • The parent’s passport or identity card issued in Finland (driving licence not accepted)
  • The child’s passport or identity card issued in Finland (opening of a card or Netbank service)
  • The child’s mobile phone number (opening of a card or Netbank service)
  • We check your child’s information from the Population Register Centre, so the child’s name must be in their Population Information System before the services can be opened online.
  • The other guardian’s mobile phone number

2. Please fill in the child’s information and select the banking services for him or her.

3. The other guardian will receive an SMS and confirm the application.

The other guardian needs:
  • access codes – do not have to be Nordea's
  • a passport, an identity card with a photo or a driving licence

This phase is unnecessary if the guardian has single guardianship.

4. Nordea handles the application and the guardians receive a notification via SMS once the services have been opened.

5. Activate the code app by logging in to the service and following the instructions in the service.

Advice for parents

The card linked to a child’s account and Netbank are always intended for the child’s personal use. Opening these services requires that the child has an official identity card or a passport.

The child’s accounts can also be linked to the parents’ Netbank if the parents prefer not to order personal access codes for the child. Alternatively, a Netbank viewing right can be ordered for viewing the child’s account. In this case, the child does not necessarily need personal access codes. The difference is that payments can also be made in Netbank and mobile bank with the access codes, whereas the Netbank viewing right only allows viewing of account transactions.  

With a smartphone, the code app and mobile bank, the child is able to make payments and check their account transactions easily and independently. 

The parents should also note that in Netbank and mobile bank the child also sees the funds and equity investments made, if any. However, an underage child cannot independently make any buy or sell orders.

Nordea Customer Service is happy to help if you have any questions about the services intended for minors. You can reach us via chat or by calling us.

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