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  • Key customer benefits

    The Key Customer status in the Customer Programme will reward you when you do all your banking with Nordea. Our Key Customers get many valuable benefits on banking and insurance services.

  • Preferred customer

    You get many valuable benefits and discounts on banking and insurance services.

  • Basic level

    If you join our Customer Programme, we can ensure that as your banking with us increases, you will automatically become a Preferred or Key Customer and get immediate access to all the relevant benefits.

  • Premium Banking customer's benefits

    You get your own Premium Banker, who helps you manage your wealth and, if needed, with other banking as well. You also get many valuable benefits.

  • Forest owner

    Nordea Forest is a free of charge service for our customers who own forest. It provides you with information on finances related to forest and puts you in contact with forestry experts.

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Tools and Utilities


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