Start saving

The earlier you start, the smaller the regular sums you have to save in order to reach your target. Over a number of years, your savings will accrue compound interest.

For instance, the capital you invest will double in about 15 years if the return on your investment is five per cent.

Choose a suitable amount that you can increase with time

Example: if you save

  • 2 euros a day = 60 euros a month = 720 euros a year
  • 5 euros a day = 150 euros a month = 1,800 euros a year

Choose a saving product

A suitable alternative for regular saving is fund saving, where the minimum amount to be saved is 40 euros a month.

Saving in our funds for savers is hassle-free, since our professionals follow the markets and the funds' investments on your behalf. You can easily find a suitable alternative from our six funds for savers.

The ASP account is suitable for young adults (aged 18 to 39) for saving the initial capital for their first own home. The minimum monthly sum to be saved is 50 euros.

You can also save small sums in an account. The ePiggy, for example, can help you with this.

Make your saving automatic

You can agree with us on transferring a certain sum from your account to your savings on a regular basis.

If you are saving in an account, an investment fund or an insurance wrapper, you can set a certain sum to be transferred automatically to your savings. For example, you can have a certain sum transferred from your salary account every month.