DepositPlus account

The product is not on sale anymore. The InvestmentDeposit account is a good alternative to the DepositPlus account.

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Previous lots Prices Terms and conditions Previous lots
DepositPlus account 3/2013
4 November 2013 - 31 December 2013
Term of deposit
3 years (36-38 months)  
30 December 2016
Deposit interest
0,10 %

Expected additional interest*

  • The exact starting level for additional interest  17 January .2014
  • The exact additional interest dermination date 15 December  2016

6,0 % *
(fluctuation range 4.0-8.0 %)

Realised 0%

Minimum deposit
500 euro

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Pepsico Inc.Opens new window

Carlsberg A/SOpens new window

Apple Inc.
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 Additional interest 6.0 %* (fluctuation range 4.0–8.0%) if the prices of all four reference shares are on or above the starting level of  7 January 2014 on the determination date of  15 December 2016.  The additional interest is not annual interest.


Interest rate of DepositPlus account

The annual deposit interest and potential additional interest (additional interest is not annual interest) are determined separately for each sales lot. 

If the deposit is withdrawn 

  • during the sales period, cancellation costs will consist of a processing fee of 50 euros.
  • after the sale period but before maturity, the bank will charge cancellation costs as well as a processing fee of 50 euros.
The calculation agent referred to in the account agreement is Nordea Bank Finland Plc as of 1 August 2004. 
Terms and conditions

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