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1 % Tax-free interest

Saving into an ASP account is a cost-effective way of financing your own home. When you save at least 10% of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest. You can open an ASP Account if you are between 15 and 39 years of age. Persons between 15 and 17 years of age may only deposit income from work.

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Your benefits

  • In addition to the annual 1% tax-free deposit interest, Nordea pays 4% of additional interest on ASP account for the account opening year and the next five years as of 1 September 2009.
  • Interest on the interest-subsidised ASP loan is lower than on corresponding new housing loans.
  • If the loan interest rate rises over 3.8%, the state pays part of the loan interest as interest subsidy during the first ten loan years.
  • You can take out an inexpensive ASP loan from Nordea even if your ASP account is in some other bank.

Determination of interest

The bank pays interest on the assets in the account according to the level set in the Decree on Bonus for Home Savers. The bank pays interest from the deposit date to the withdrawal date, excluding the withdrawal date.

Determination of additional interest

The bank pays additional interest on the assets in the account as laid down in the home saving agreement. Additional interest is paid for the year the deposit was made and for a maximum of five calendar years after that. 

Additional interest is paid from the deposit date of each deposit amount until the first drawdown without adding the additional interest annually to the principal. Additional interest is paid when the account holder fulfils the terms and conditions of the home saving agreement and purchases a home or when the account holder has completed the construction of a house and the building inspection authority has carried out the final inspection.


Interest paid on an ASP account is tax-free.


Interest of an ASP account opened after 1 January 1993
Change dateInterestAdditional interest
Interest of an ASP account opened before 1 January 1993
Change dateInterestAdditional interest
Terms and conditions

Advice for investments

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How to start investing

There is no reason to wait for the next salary raise – you should start saving now so that you will not regret postponing your saving decision a few years later.

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Saving and investment plan

When managing your savings, perseverance, determination and systematic planning are important. Make a plan with us and take the next step as a saver or an investor.