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Trader is a state-of-the-art tool for market follow-up and equity trading. You receive all the essential up-to-date information you need for trading, enabling you to always react to changes on time. Trader is included in Trader's service.

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The tool for an active trader

Trader offers constantly updated information and versatile tools, so you can access the market in real time. Trader gives you access for example to real-time rates from the Nordic countries and Kauppalehti's news, currency rates, interest rates, historic price information, technical analysis and reviews produced by Nordea. Whether you are a day trader or an investor independently managing your portfolio, you can tailor Trader according to your needs and wishes.

Trader is suitable for you if you wish to

  • see real-time price information updated continuously, news and alerts
  • analyse graphs and use technical analysis to support your investment decisions
  • enter orders quickly without having to use confirmation codes
  • have a possibility to edit desktops to correspond to your own needs.

Market places for trading

In Trader you can trade in the following market places and equities traded in the same currency as that of the stock exchange. Price information from the Nordic exchanges is displayed in real time. Price information from other stock exchanges is displayed with a delay.

As an additional Trader's service you can subscribe to real-time share prices from NYSE/Nasdaq (level 1 market data). See Prices and terms.

Market places for trading
ExchangeCurrencyTrading hours (Finnish time)
Equities, warrants,
certificates, ETFs,
option certificates,
subscription rights
NASDAQ OMX HelsinkiEUR10.00-18.30
First North FinlandEUR10.15-18.20
Euronext BrusselsEUR10.00-18.30
Bolsa de MadridEUR10.00-18.30
Equities, ETFs
Euronext AmsterdamEUR10.00-18.30
United Kingdom
Equities, ETFs;
Stamp duty*;
Limit price in pence (GBP)
Lontoo LSEGBP10.00-18.30
Equities, ETFs


Euronext LisbonEUR10.00-18.30
Equities, ETFs
Euronext ParisEUR10.00-18.30
L, M and S list equities, ETFs
NASDAQ OMX StockholmSEK10.00-18.30
First North StockholmSEK10.15-18.20
Equities, ETFs
Settlement period T+2
Equities, ETFs
Zürich (SIX)CHF10.00-18.30
L, M and S list equities
NASDAQ OMX CopenhagenDKK10.00-18.00
United States
Equities, ETFs  
United States
Equities, ETFs 
United States
Equities, ETFs  
* A stamp duty of 0.5% is levied on all purchases of shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

You can send orders quickly and easily

You can submit orders in several sections of the service without having to use your confirmation codes

  • directly from the stock list
  • from the news window
  • from the order book
  • by clicking an instrument with your mouse.

Create new pages and stock lists and link them to each other

You can use Trader's default desktops or build your own customised page displays, stock lists and graphs. You can also conveniently link lists and windows to each other, in which case information will be quickly updated to stock lists, graphs and order books.

Monitor the portfolio in real time

Trader enables you to monitor your own orders and transactions, as well as intraday positions and results in real time.

Orders sent through Trader are shown and can be edited in Netbank, and vice versa.

Trader lets you view constantly updated real-time information, monitor your own positions and execute orders on the same customisable display.

Your customised display can include graphs illustrating different instruments, order books, news and other information, and you can utilise technical analysis indicators and all of Nordea's research and reviews.

The constantly updated real-time market information allows you to

  • rapidly react to market events
  • link lists and information windows to one another, which will enable information to be updated quickly to the stock lists, graphs and order books.

Real-time market information is available from the Nordic stock exchanges (Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo). In addition, Trader contains a comprehensive amount of delayed international information on share prices, ETFs, indexes, currency exchange rates, interest rates and commodities.

In Trader, you can read the following in real time:

  • Kauppalehti news
  • corporate bulletins, such as those transmitted by OMX, Hugin and Cision
  • selected Nordic news services
  • all of the research and reviews generated by Nordea and Standard & Poor’s

Trader's additional services

  • transfer of share price information to Excel in real time
  • subscription to real-time share prices from NYSE/Nasdaq (level 1 market data). See the prices and terms.

Advanced graphs

You have access to a wide selection of graphs, ranging from intraday graphs updated every tick to ones showing share price history up to 30 years. The graphs allow you to

  • add the most important technical analysis indicators
  • draw trend curves
  • set alerts
  • make comparisons between different instruments and indexes.

The most important technical analysis indicators

You can use technical analysis indicators such as

  • floating averages
  • trends
  • RSI
  • momentum
  • volatility
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Stochastics
  • MACD
  • ATR.

You can also add your own indicators.

How to start using Trader

How to start using Trader

If you are a Nordea customer, you get Trader in use by first opening the Trader's service either at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service. After this you can install and start Trader in Netbank on the tab Savings and investments, page Trade and invest.

If you are not a Nordea customer, you will first need Netbank codes. You can make an agreement regarding Netbank access codes and opening of Trader's service by visiting a branch office. You can also make an appointment for a branch office by calling Nordea Customer Service. After this you will be able to install Trader in Netbank.

Technical requirements for Trader

Trader works on most computers with a normal broadband connection. It does not, however, function on Apple computers without a separate Windows emulator.

Recommended minimum requirements for Trader


  • processor: 1.7 GHz or more
  • free disk space: about 500 MB
  • internal RAM: 1024 MB or more
  • screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher

Operating system

  • Windows XP, SP3; Vista, SP2 (32/64 bit); 7 (32/64 bit)
  • Mac OS (only with Windows emulator)
Prices and terms

Prices and terms

Monthly fee

The fee is debited on the 8th day of each month or on the following banking day.

No monthly fee will be debited if brokerage fees have exceeded EUR 500 in the previous quarter.

EUR 35.00 per month
Trader's additional services
Monthly fees
Real-time share prices from NYSE/Nasdaq (first bidding level)  EUR 20.16 per month
Real-time share prices from Oslo (five bidding levels)EUR 20.16 per month

Please read the service terms and conditions before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

General terms and conditions of Trader (pdf, 371 KB)

General terms of book-entry accounts and safe custody of securities (pdf, 141 KB)

General terms and conditions of orders to buy and sell securities (pdf, 54 KB)

Advice on investments

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Diversify your risks

You can reduce the risks involved in investing by spreading investments over fixed income and equity instruments.

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Research and analysis

You can receive our economists' forecasts and information on investment markets and individual investment alternatives online.