Saving and investment plan

When managing your savings, perseverance, determination and systematic planning are important. Make a plan with us and take the next step as a saver or an investor. 

Start with a plan Set your targets Solutions to meet your needs Start with a plan

Solutions to meet your needs

Make a plan with us that will take into account your current savings, as well as any future monthly savings.

Together we will go through

  • your situation
  • your finances and assets
  • your wishes regarding saving and investment.

You will be given a concrete plan based on our specialists' view of the right solution for you at the time.

The plan includes:

  • the average return target
  • the recommended investment options
  • a plan for monitoring and managing the investments.
Set your targets

You can have several simultaneous targets for saving and investment both for the short and the long term, and we will discuss them all when preparing your saving plan.

Preparing for the future

You should have a proper plan in place even when saving for a short period. Your short-term investments should consist of capital-protected assets that can be easily converted into cash. 

Increasing your wealth

As your savings start to add up, you will notice how rewarding saving can be. 

And once you have some extra cash in your account, you should start planning investments in instruments that generate a better long-term return.

Long-term saving

Every working-age person should make an effort to ensure a reasonable income in retirement. You could also consider whether you wish to invest for your children and grandchildren. 

Whatever your plan, we are here to help you.

Solutions to meet your needs

The value of a plan is in its long-term approach. Once you have decided on your target, you should stick to your plan and avoid changing it due to short-term fluctuations in the market.




Reserve fund for unexpected expenses 

  • Savings can be withdrawn quickly.
  • You should invest your money in capital-protected assets that can be easily converted into cash.  

Regular saving 

  • in an account or 
  • in a low-risk fund.

Capital protection 

You will get your money back regardless of market fluctuations.       

Investment in an account, in which case you should compare the account interest with the inflation rate.

Investment bonds with nominal capital protection, which guarantee the repayment of your nominal capital.

Increasing your wealth

Investing accrued savings with a long-term view. 

In the long term you can aim for higher returns, although the risks are also higher.

A well-diversified package of fixed income and equity investments; e.g. funds for savers. 

Plan for retirement

Investing over a very long period. 

Products suitable for long-term saving include Nordea Target Savings and other long-term investment options. 

PS. Just in case, we recommend that you keep the equivalent of two months' salary in an account from which the cash can be easily withdrawn. You should also always have some short-term investments set aside for unexpected expenses.