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Our trading services enable you to attend to all your savings and investments and to trade affordably on all the main markets. You can choose the package that best suits your needs.

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Nordea offers you several channels for trading. In addition to the traditional channels such as the branches and our Customer Service, we offer extensive trading alternatives in Netbank. Altogether over 20 different market places in Europe and Northern America including the largest stock exchanges from Lisbon to Helsinki are available to you. To start trading, you need a book-entry account and a trading service, either the Saver’s service or the Investor’s service.

  • Saver's service suits customers who follow the performance of their assets and submit trading orders from time to time. Real-time prices from the Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen stock exchanges are available for the Saver's service.
  • Investor's service is the choice of more active traders who follow the markets regularly and appreciate news and reports. For an extra fee, the trader can acquire Kauppalehti's news and real-time prices from US markets.

Compare and choose the package which suits you best

Comparison of services (prices include VAT)
ServiceSaver's serviceInvestor's service
Price, EUR per month04
Trading in over 20 equity marketsxx
Fees structured to reward activityxx
Real-time prices: first bidding level



Kauppalehti's (KL) main news in real timexx
Nordea's Morning and Weekly reportsxx
Corporate analyses by Nordea and Standard & Poor'sx
KL's real-time news, Balance Consulting Oy's key indicator analyses and access to KL's online publication+ EUR 5
per month
Real-time prices, five bidding levels: Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen
Real-time prices, first bidding level: USA
+ EUR 5 
per month
Additional purchasing power*, EUR020,000
Nordea Investor
Trader tool
Package price with additional services, EUR per month012

* Additional purchasing power means that you can submit an order even if you do not have enough money in your account at the time. 

In order to avoid your account being overdrawn, you must ensure that there is enough cover in your account at the time of debiting. The payment for a European stock exchange transaction is debited two (t+2) banking days and that of corresponding US transaction after three (t+3) banking days after the trade. A rule of the thumb is that the money should be in the account in the evening preceding the debiting.

The Investor’s service includes 20,000 euros of additional purchasing power. The Saver’s service includes no additional purchasing power. The extra purchasing power is applied to stock exchange trading, but not however, when the security in question is a certificate, a warrant or a turbo warrant.


Monitor your orders and assets

From our trading service options you can choose the package that best suits your needs. In both services you can place orders concerning the following asset classes: Finnish and foreign equities and ETFs, Finnish warrants and certificates, Nordea funds, Nordea investment bonds, unit-linked insurance and investment agreements.

The trading services allow you to view your assets' current and historical information and return calculations.

Saver's service

Saver's service suits you if you follow the performance of your assets and submit trading orders from time to time. Real-time prices from the Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen stock exchanges are available for the Saver's service.

Investor's service 

Investor's service is your choice if you are a more active trader, follow the markets regularly and appreciate news and reports. For an extra fee, you can acquire Kauppalehti's news and real-time prices from US markets.

You also need a custody service for your securities

Nordea's safe custody services are intended for shares and bonds of Finnish and foreign listed companies that are in book-entry form (i.e. paperless) and for Finnish securities in paper form.

You can open the safe custody service in Netbank or at a Nordea branch.

The safe custody service includes:

  • Payment of returns to your account.
  • Management of share issues and other corporate events. You will receive notifications on corporate events, such as share issues, concerning your assets kept in custody, and we will deal with these events according to your instructions.
  • Reporting on your assets. At least once a year, you will receive a report on the securities you have placed in custody, events concerning your assets and the returns paid on your assets. The most convenient way for you to keep track of your assets and their value is through a trading service in Netbank.

If you have the Investor's or Trader's service in Netbank, you can monitor the markets and make investment decisions with the help of research and reviews prepared by Nordea and the services and analysis tools at

Morning report (in Finnish)

Our morning report gives you an insight into movements in the equity markets, company news, and key market drivers of the day. The report also contains Nordea's Finnish and Nordic equity model portfolios as well as the Global recommendation list. The morning report is published daily from Tuesday to Friday before stock exchanges open.

Weekly report (equity markets; in Finnish)

On Mondays, the morning report comes out as an expanded weekly report. The report discusses the economic and market circumstances on a broader scale and highlights essential equity market events and topical themes of the coming week.

Finnish equity model portfolio (in Finnish and Swedish)

A model portfolio consisting of Finnish companies we consider attractive investments over the next 12-month period. The companies have been selected in such a way as to create a diversified Finnish equity portfolio. Company-specific reports are also available of the portfolio holdings. Changes in the composition of the model portfolio are reported in our morning and weekly reports.

Nordic equity model portfolio (in Finnish and Swedish)

A well-diversified model portfolio consisting of some 20 Nordic companies we consider attractive investments over the next 12-month period. Changes in the composition of the model portfolio are reported in our morning and weekly reports.

Global recommendations (in Finnish and Swedish)

A list of attractive non-Nordic companies from various sectors, trading in marketplaces available via Nordea.

Share of the Week (in Finnish)

An in-depth look at a selected company and the factors contributing to its current share price. The report is published mid-week, usually on Wednesdays. Users with our Investor's or Trader's service can access the publication in Netbank or request for it to be sent via e-mail. The publication acts as an in-depth analysis of a company favoured by the current market situation, not as a recommendation to buy or sell.

Company reports (in English)

To help with your investment decisions, Nordea Markets brings you analyses of nearly 300 key Nordic companies. Furthermore, you have access to the analyses produced by Standard & Poor's of around 800 non-Nordic companies, together with recommendations and target prices.

Market places for trading
ExchangeCurrencyTrading hours (Finnish time)
Equities, warrants,
certificates, ETFs,
option certificates,
subscription rights
NASDAQ OMX HelsinkiEUR10.00-18.30


First North FinlandEUR10.15-18.20
Euronext BrusselsEUR10.00-18.30
Bolsa de MadridEUR10.00-18.30
Equities, ETFs
Euronext AmsterdamEUR10.00-18.30
United Kingdom
Equities, ETFs;
Stamp duty*;
Limit price in pence (GBP)
Lontoo LSEGBP10.00-18.30
Borsa Italiana (Milano)EUR10.00-18.30
Toronto (TMX)CAD16.30-23.00
Equities, ETFs


Euronext LisbonEUR10.00-18.30
Equities, ETFs
Euronext ParisEUR10.00-18.30
L, M and S list equities, ETFs
NASDAQ OMX StockholmSEK10.00-18.30


First North StockholmSEK10.15-18.20


Equities, ETFs
Settlement period T+2
Equities, ETFs
Zürich (SIX)CHF10.00-18.30
L, M and S list equities
NASDAQ OMX CopenhagenDKK10.00-18.00
NASDAQ OMXBalticEUR10.00-16.00
United States
Equities, ETFs 
United States 
Equities, ETFs 
United States 
Equities, ETFs 


* A stamp duty of 0.5% is levied on all purchases of shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Frequently asked questions about the prices

Fees structured to reward activity

Service fees, euros per month
Courtage< 150 e> 150 e> 500 e> 1 000 e> 2 500 e
Saver's service00000

Investor's service

Trader's service
(service ends 31.3.2017)

You can buy the real-time news content of Kauppalehti and the price package to complement your investor's service. Both services costs five euros and their overall price is eight euros. When your brokerage fees exceed 150 euros, the additional features are free.

The real time news service will no longer be available after 14 March 2017. The service depicting real time securities prices will remain available at a price of 5 euros per month. The service will be provided free of charge if your brokerage fees per quarter exceed 150 euros.

Netbank's brokerage fees
Courtage< 150 e> 150 e> 500 e> 1 000 e> 2 500 e
All markets0.20 %
min. 8 e

0.18 %
min. 8 e 

0.15 %
min. 5 e
0.10 %
min. 5 e
0.06 %
min 3 e
Maximum feeAll fees for stock exchange transactions have a one percent fee cap, which lowers costs especially for small trades. In practice, for trades under 800 euros, the one percent brokerage fee amounts to 0.01 to 8.00 euros for customers at the lowest price level. For example, the fee for a transaction of 100 euros would thus be 1 euro.
Customer service's brokerage fees
0.5 %, min. 40 e (all markets)
Branch's brokerage fees
1 %, min. 60 e (all markets)
Custody fee, VAT 24% included

Courtage in last quarterNo courtage in last quarter
Private Banking  customer 
Premium Banking customer and Key customer
Corporate customer and other customer02.95

Market-specific exceptions

In the foreign exchange trading with non-euro stocks the currency fee is 0.3%In addition,

  • the London Stock Exchange charges a stamp duty of 0.5 % of the transaction price
  • a transaction tax of 0.3 % is levied on the purchases of the shares of the largest listed companies in France. The tax is not levied on brokerage fees, and it is not applicable to sales of shares
  • a transaction tax of 0.1 % is levied on trades of Italian shares. No tax is levied on brokerage fees.

The brokerage fee is 2 % (minimum 168.19 euros) in orders which cannot be transmitted automatically. The total fee charged from the seller, and in subscription right trading also from the buyer, is no more than half of the transaction price.

For orders that are valid for more than one day, the brokerage fee will be charged on the basis of the order's daily execution. 

Other prices for trading and safe custody services
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Advice on investments

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Diversify your risks

You can reduce the risks involved in investing by spreading investments over fixed income and equity instruments.

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Research and analysis

You can receive our economists' forecasts and information on investment markets and individual investment alternatives online.