Netbank's new trading prices

Diversify your investments across the world more affordably than before and also benefit from our low brokerage fees for small stock exchange trades.

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Efficient diversification affordably

Our trading tariff will enable you to trade more affordably on all the stock exchanges available in Netbank. Now you can diversify your investments all over the world at lower prices than before, as the new fees are not only applied to trading on the Helsinki stock exchange, but to all international market places offered by us. 

The brokerage fees of small stock exchange trades in particular are cheap. You will pay a maximum brokerage fee of 1% irrespective of the trade amount or market you trade on. For example, for a trade of 100 euros, you will only pay a brokerage fee of 1 euro.

If you make just one securities trade during a quarter, you will pay no custody fees in the next quarter. If there are no paid fees during a quarter, the custody fee will be charged as before.

Fee cap 1%

  • The one per cent fee cap will apply to all customers and all trading services.*
  • The fee cap will be applied to all 20 market places available to our customers
  • and to all the stock exchange traded products that can be traded through Nordea.

*In practice, the 1% fee concerns trades up to 800 euros. In trades exceeding 800 euros, the fee will be less than 1% of the trading price

Start investing online

This is how you start using the trading service

  1. You open the trading service by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge). If you do not yet have a book-entry account, it can be opened with the same order as the service.
  2. As soon as your trading service has been activated, you can start trading on the stock exchanges. The opening of the service will take a few workdays.

If you are not yet Nordea's customer the Become customer online service is an easy and convenient way to sign up as Nordea's customer. When your application has been approved, you will get Nordea's access codes with which you can prove your identity in Nordea's Netbank, Mobile Bank, on the phone and in many other electronic services.



Fees structured to reward activity

Service fees, euros per month
Courtage< 150 e> 150 e> 500 e> 1 000 e> 2 500 e
Saver's service00000

Investor's service

Trader's service
(service ends 31.3.2017)

You can buy the real-time news content of Kauppalehti and the price package to complement your investor's service. Both services costs five euros and their overall price is eight euros. When your brokerage fees exceed 150 euros, the additional features are free.

The real time news service will no longer be available after 14 March 2017. The service depicting real time securities prices will remain available at a price of 5 euros per month. The service will be provided free of charge if your brokerage fees per quarter exceed 150 euros.

Netbank's brokerage fees
Courtage< 150 e> 150 e> 500 e> 1 000 e> 2 500 e
All markets0.20 %
min. 8 e

0.18 %
min. 8 e 

0.15 %
min. 5 e
0.10 %
min. 5 e
0.06 %
min 3 e
Maximum feeAll fees for stock exchange transactions have a one percent fee cap, which lowers costs especially for small trades. In practice, for trades under 800 euros, the one percent brokerage fee amounts to 0.01 to 8.00 euros for customers at the lowest price level. For example, the fee for a transaction of 100 euros would thus be 1 euro.
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Customer service's brokerage fees
0.5 %, min. 40 e (all markets)

Branch's brokerage fees
1 %, min. 60 e (all markets)
Custody fee, VAT 24% included

Courtage in last quarterNo courtage in last quarter
Private Banking  customer 
Premium Banking customer and Key customer
Corporate customer and other customer02.95

Market-specific exceptions

In the foreign exchange trading with non-euro stocks the currency fee is 0.3%In addition,

  • the London Stock Exchange charges a stamp duty of 0.5 % of the transaction price
  • a transaction tax of 0.3 % is levied on the purchases of the shares of the largest listed companies in France. The tax is not levied on brokerage fees, and it is not applicable to sales of shares
  • a transaction tax of 0.1 % is levied on trades of Italian shares. No tax is levied on brokerage fees.

The brokerage fee is 2 % (minimum 168.19 euros) in orders which cannot be transmitted automatically. The total fee charged from the seller, and in subscription right trading also from the buyer, is no more than half of the transaction price.

For orders that are valid for more than one day, the brokerage fee will be charged on the basis of the order's daily execution.