Frequently asked questions about the new tariffs

Nordea's tariffs for saving and investing changed on 1 April 2016. Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the change.

Why is the tariff being changed?

Nordea aims to be a pioneer in providing its customers with the best possible service. The revisions to the tariff will enable you to make small trades at a reasonable price. The cheaper prices will also apply to trades made in foreign marketplaces. The new tariff will enable you to diversify your portfolio more effectively than before without having to worry about your brokerage fees becoming too high. 

I don't fully understand the changes to the trading fees. Can you explain them in more detail?

On the whole, the tariff's main principles still apply: the minimum and percentage-based fees apply to customers in accordance with a tiered model, enabling all of our customers to benefit from lower brokerage fees when they trade more actively.

A significant change is the tariff for international marketplaces. Nordea's entire transaction fee tariff will become more consistent, which means the fees will be the same for all marketplaces. A really ground-breaking change is the new fee cap. 

Brokerage fee accrual, euros1% of the trading price:Fixed price:Per cent of the trading price:
< 150 

0 - 8 e,
when the trading price is under 800

8 e, when the trading price is 800 - 4 000 
0,2 %, when the trading price is over 4 000
> 150

0 - 8 e,
when the trading price is under 800

8 e,
when the trading price is 800 - 4 444,44

0,18 %,
when the trading price is over 4 444,44
> 500 0 - 5 e,
when the trading price is under 500
5 e,
when the trading price is 500 - 3 333,33
0,15 %,
when the trading price is over 3 333,33
> 1 000 0 - 5 e,
when the trading price is under 500
5 e,
when the trading price is 500 - 5 000
0,1 %,
when the trading price is over 5 000
> 2 500
0 - 3 e, 
when the trading price is under 300
3 e,
when the trading price is 300 - 5 000
when the trading price is over 5 000
What is the fee cap?

We are adding the fee cap to our tariff with the following customer promise: You will never pay a brokerage fee of more than 1% for any of your orders. This means the brokerage fee you pay will always be capped at a maximum of one (1) per cent. In other words, the fee cap will override the minimum brokerage fee in cases where the minimum fee would exceed one (1) per cent of the entire transaction price. In practice, the fee cap will apply to all orders of less than 800 euros.

Example: You place an order to buy shares worth 200 euros. The minimum fee in accordance with the tariff is 8 euros, but the percentage of your transaction that this amounts to is 8/200 = 4%. Since Nordea's fee cap is 1%, 

Does the fee apply to only certain customer groups, markets or products?

The fee cap will apply to all customers and all trading services. The fee cap will also apply to all marketplaces that are available for trading through Nordea (more than 20 marketplaces) and to all the stock exchange traded products that can be traded through Nordea.  

Example: based on the old tariff, the brokerage fee for buying or selling 100 euros' worth of US shares is 16 euros, whereas under the new tariff the brokerage fee is only 1 euro. 

What do the '0 Custody fee’ and ‘Courtage in last quarter' mentioned under custody fees in the tariff mean?

If you execute at least one transaction during a calendar quarter (i.e. accumulate your courtage/fee total, which means the total amount of brokerage fees you pay during a quarter), then your custody fee for the next quarter will be 0 euros. In practice, all you have to do is execute four (4) transactions during a full year in order to have your custody fees waived.  

What if I have more than one book-entry account?

You can have several book-entry accounts, for which custody fees will be charged in accordance with the tariff. If you are entitled to custody free of charge due to having accumulated brokerage fees in the previous quarter, you will not pay a custody fee for any of your book-entry accounts. This applies to all book-entry accounts connected to your Netbank agreement.

Will my custody fees remain the same if my book-entry account contains foreign securities, several different shares or different product groups?

All book-entry accounts are treated the same way: no additional fees will be charged for foreign securities, several different shares or different product groups.

What else do I get from Nordea?

Nordea's free-of-charge Saver's service gives you access to all of the more than 20 marketplaces Nordea offers, a fee structure that rewards you for being active, Nordea's fee cap, real-time prices (1st bid/ask level in Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen), Kauppalehti's main news in real time, Nordea's morning and weekly reports delivered to your e-mail and the best possible execution price through Smart Order Routing in alternative marketplaces.


You will also receive other useful services, such as the ability to add and edit acquisition prices. The new Nordea Investor will also be made available to you in the spring. The more extensive investor's service gives you access to company analyses and additional purchasing power for an attractive monthly fee of 4 euros. You can find out more information on our trading services on the website. 

Will transferring my book-entry account to Nordea cost me anything?

Transferring your entire Finnish book-entry account to Nordea is free of charge.