Notice to the unitholders of Nordea 1 – Global Value

Nordea 1 – Global Value Fund will merge with Nordea 1 – Global Dividend II Fund* on 10 June 2016. Both funds are registered in Luxembourg and the supervisory authority in Luxembourg has approved the merger.

The funds are being merged because the capital held by Global Value Fund, which is the merging fund, has decreased to the extent that efficient portfolio management is no longer possible. Pooling the capital of the two funds, which have similar investment policies, into a single fund will provide economies of scale that are expected to enable lower costs in relative terms, to the benefit of the unitholders. 

The merger does not require any action from the unitholders. It will take place automatically and will not affect the value of unitholders’ current holding. 

  • Following the merger, you will become a unitholder in the receiving fund in proportion to your current fund holding.
  • The merger will not affect the original acquisition price of your fund units, the amount of your fund savings or your holding period.
  • The fund's risk level and management fee will not change.
  • If you had an agreement on regular saving in Global Value Fund, future subscriptions will be made in Global Dividend II Fund.
  • Unitholders with general tax liability in Finland will not incur any costs or taxation consequences as a result of the merger.

In connection with the merger, unitholders may redeem or switch their fund units free of charge. If you wish to redeem or switch your fund units in Nordea 1 – Global Value Fund, please submit your order by 16.30 Finnish time on 3 June 2016. Trading in Global Value Fund units will cease after this deadline. Please note that a redemption or switch of your fund units will result in a capital gain or loss being realised in your taxation.

Further information

For more information on the merger, please read the official notification to the unitholders issued by the fund company based in Luxembourg and the Key Investor Information Document of Global Dividend II Fund.

Notice to the unitholders drawn up by the Luxembourg-based management company (pdf, 265 KB)Opens new window

Key Investor Information Document for Nordea 1 – Global Dividend II Fund (pdf, 118 KB)Opens new window

*The fund's official name in the country of registration Luxembourg is Nordea 1 – Global Dividend.