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Effective diversification of assets through funds

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Funds for savers

Diversification according to investment profile

Funds for savers are the right choice for you if you feel that following the markets and investments is too time-consuming or laborious.

Fund savings agreement

Automate saving with a fund savings agreement

When you save into a fund regularly and consistently, even small sums could turn into considerable wealth over time.

Funds by other asset managers

Investment service with all the frills

Funds by other asset managers supplement Nordea’s fund selection and they suit you if you prefer your investment portfolio to consist of products from several asset managers.

All funds

Find information on all of Nordea's funds in Funds Now

Funds Now is an online service that contains information on investment funds

The service includes descriptions of funds' features, risk profiles and investment policies, the daily values of fund units, risk and return ratios and charts illustrating the funds' historical performance.

Fund types

Fixed income funds

An investment in money markets and bond markets

Fixed income funds are suitable for you if you prefer to avoid great fluctuations in the value of your investments.

Balanced funds

An investment in both fixed income and equity products

A diversified and effortless option for long-term investment.

Equity funds

A diversified investment in equity markets

Equity funds are suitable as a long-term investment. Their expected return is high, as is their risk.