Asset management services

Planning is an essential part of managing savings and investments. Make a concrete plan with us based on our specialists' view of the best solution for you at the time.


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We welcome you to a meeting with us

Contact us for a discussion on asset management and systematic investing.

To be able to make the right investment decisions, you need to know what kind of a saver or investor you are. Your target may vary from retaining the value of your savings to taking high risks in search of higher returns.

As you are our Key Customer we will draft a tailored wealth management plan for you.

Our Premium Customers gain access to a more comprehensive range of specialist services in savings and investments. The service is free.

Our Private Banking serviceOpens new window is intended for our more affluent customers. Private Banking Customers are partnered with an experienced Private Banker, who has access to the entire bank's product offering and a network of specialists who can answer all your questions concerning asset management. This service is subject to a fee.

Set your targets

Solutions to meet your needs

Make a plan with us that will take into account your current savings, as well as any future monthly savings.

Together we will go through

  • your situation
  • your finances and assets
  • your wishes regarding saving and investment.

You will be given a concrete plan based on our specialists' view of the right solution for you at the time.

The plan includes:

  • the average return target
  • the recommended investment options
  • a plan for monitoring and managing the investments.