Nordea Omaposti

Nordea Omaposti is your digital mailbox, which enables easy and convenient banking with us.

In Omaposti you can receive and sign agreements with Nordea. You can also reply to messages sent by our advisers and, if necessary, attach a file to your reply.

Omaposti in brief How to access Omaposti? Requirements Omaposti in brief Omaposti in brief

In Omaposti you can do your banking in a secured environment.

You can receive messages, notices, product descriptions and agreements sent by Nordea and reply to messages you receive and, if necessary, attach a file to your reply. In Omaposti, you can also sign documents electronically. All electronically signed agreements and files will be conveniently archived in Omaposti removing the need for you to keep a separate archive. In Omaposti, you can easily check agreements you have signed, for example.

Remember that Nordea Customer Service provides you with information and advice on banking matters. You can reach Nordea Customer Service by phone from Monday to Friday 8.00 - 18.00 or through customer mail in Netbank. When you call us, it is a good idea to identify yourself with your access codes for faster service. By identifying yourself you can also tend to many banking matters safely.

In Nordea Omaposti you can:

  • Receive secured messages and documents from Nordea
  • Reply to messages sent by Nordea and attach files to your reply
  • Sign electronic agreements
  • View previous messages and agreements
  • Save agreements to your computer or print them out.
How to access Omaposti?

You can access Omaposti through Nordea's Netbank or through the address The login link to the Omaposti service is on the right side of this page under ‘Login’.

  • Netbank is the primary channel for all our customers with Nordea’s online access codes.
  • Those customers who do not have Nordea's online access codes can access the service through
  • Omaposti is also available to the customers of other banks. In order to be able to use Omaposti, you must have Nordea's or some other Finnish bank’s valid online banking codes (TUPAS codes). TUPAS is a service offered by Finnish banks for strong electronic identification.
Requirements Omaposti in brief

What do you need to use Omaposti?

  • To use Omaposti, you need valid online banking codes from a Finnish bank.
  • The online banking codes can also be some other bank's than Nordea's.
  • TUPAS identification also enables the use of Omaposti by other banks' customers on condition that they are registered in our system.
  • The registration entry does not require a valid customer relationship with Nordea.