Flexible loan calculator

Calculate a loan that suits your needs with the below calculator. Make an application in Netbank or call Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 10.00–16.30 (local network charge/mobile call charge). If you submit your loan application in Netbank, you will receive the credit decision rapidly. You can also make a loan application by calling our Customer Service and identifying yourself with Nordea's online access codes. You may obtain a credit decision during your phone call. After a positive credit decision the money will be deposited to your Nordea account right away.

The calculation will show what size of credit will suit your needs. Please note that the calculation is indicative.

Leave one of the three fields blank!

  • Give a suitable credit amount and the monthly payment amount or the repayment period.
  • The smallest possible monthly payment is 50 euros.
  • The monthly payment depends on the length of the repayment period.
  • The average repayment periods are calculated without instalment-free months.