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Loan promise is free of charge

With a loan promise in hand, you can easily start looking for a new home and make a purchase offer for one that you like. A loan promise is free of charge and does not commit you to anything. Filling in the loan application in Netbank is convenient.

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Tips on obtaining a loan promise


Consider how big a housing loan you will need. With our Loan calculator you can compare different alternatives by changing the monthly instalment, loan period and interest. You should also draw up a budget to get a picture of your own spending.

As Nordea's customer you can conveniently apply for a loan promise on the housing application in Netbank. You will get the decision in your customer mail in Netbank or over the phone within three banking days. 

After you have obtained a loan promise, you can make a purchase offer for your new home. A valid loan promise will speed up the conclusion of the sale and the loan decision process. A loan promise gives you an advantage over other people interested in buying the same home. 

The loan promise is a decision binding the bank with which we promise to finance your purchase of a new home on agreed terms. The loan promise will be in force for one month and you can renew it by calling our Customer Service. The details of the loan promise and the price of the loan will be revised in connection with renewal.

I am not Nordea's customer

If you are not Nordea's customer, click the link and fill in the housing loan application. After you have sent your housing loan application, you will quickly receive a preliminary loan proposal. The preliminary loan proposal will show you what kind of a housing loan would be possible with the information you have given: how big a loan you could get and at what kind of interest rate. The proposal helps you to move on with your plans and map out suitable alternatives.

The preliminary loan proposal does not bind you or the bank in any way.

Start banking with Nordea! As Nordea's customer you will be able to update your loan proposal to a binding loan promise quickly and easily. A loan promise gives you an advantage over other people interested in buying the same home.

We will contact you within one banking day after you have sent your application.

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Advice on housing

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Interest rate hedging makes life secure

With the right interest hedging products, you can protect your finances even when market interest rates change drastically.

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Two alternatives

FlexiPayment gives you leeway for your monthly loan repayment. Another alternative is to extend your instalment-free period. See which one suits you better.