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When it is time to change homes, your first thought may be the location of your future home and the number of rooms, a balcony or a garden. Next you should think about a suitable price spread and a housing loan.

A loan customised to your needs

We will grant you a housing loan that will be customised to your income, expenditure and loan security. When the housing loan is scaled according to your repayment ability, you can afford to enjoy life - in the best case you will also be able to put some money aside.

Tips before you take a housing loan:

  1. Apply for a loan amount according to your repayment ability
  2. Note that interest rates may rise
  3. Also note that the repayment method will affect the total costs of your loan

Seize the opportunity

When you hit the right home, you should act fast. We are pleased to help you find the housing loan solution that suits you best. 

Interest rate and instalments


A housing loan is usually repaid monthly. Besides the loan instalment, you pay interest that consists of the reference rate you have chosen and the margin.

The reference rate options for a housing loan are:

  • Euribor 12 months
  • Nordea Prime
  • Fixed rate for 3, 5, 10 or 15 years (quoted on the drawdown date)


Choose the repayment method that suits you best.

Repayment methods

You can repay your housing loan in many ways: in equal payments, equal instalments or fixed equal payments. The choice of the repayment method depends on many things, such as whether you want to pay the same amount every month or whether you prefer to pay off the loan within a specific time period.

Equal payments if you want to know exactly what your loan period will be

When you choose equal payments as your repayment method, your loan period will not change but the monthly payment will change according to the reference rate. The amounts of the instalment and interest will be the same at first. The share of the instalment of the loan will increase with the loan period.

Equal instalments if you want to speed up your repayment

When you choose equal instalments as your repayment method, the share of the repayment amount of the loan will remain the same. With time, the euro amount of the interest will decrease as the loan principal will become smaller. The monthly repayment will change according to the reference rate.

Fixed equal payments if you want your monthly repayment to remain the same

When you choose fixed equal payments as your repayment method, all the payment amounts will be the same. The interest rate will affect your repayment pace: if the reference rate rises, the loan period will become longer, but if the interest rate falls, the loan period will shorten.

Flexibility for your loan repayment with FlexiPayment

FlexiPayment can be added to a new loan as well as to existing ones. When you have FlexiPayment linked to your housing loan, you can decrease or increase the monthly instalments on your loan – or even skip them without notifying us. However, you always have to pay the interest.

You must make a FlexiPayment agreement at a Nordea branch. After that you can change the repayment amount of your loan in Netbank within the limits agreed in advance. The usual maximum FlexiPayment amount is 10% of the loan.
FlexiPayment cannot be linked to an ASP loan.

Ease your repayment with an instalment-free period

You must agree on an instalment-free period with the bank in advance, for example, by sending an application through Netbank. During the instalment-free period you only pay interest, not the principal. This will lengthen your loan period or increase future payments. We will charge a fee subject to our tariff for the change of your repayment schedule.
Interest rate hedge

Interest rate collar

Stability to reference rate changes

The interest rate collar is a new kind of interest rate hedging product with which you ensure that the reference rate on your loan stays within the agreed limits and will not exceed the agreed maximum level during the validity of the hedge.

Interest rate cap

Don't let the interest on your housing loan get out of hand

With an interest rate cap, you can make sure that the reference rate on your loan will never exceed the agreed maximum level. An interest rate cap can be taken for an old or a new loan.

Fixed interest rate

When your loan has a fixed interest rate,

you will know the exact amount of your monthly instalments during the fixed interest period.


Have your new home insured with Nordea If Home Insurance

Nordea If Home Insurance helps you in unexpected situations at your home and holiday home.  You will always get a customised insurance solution against accidents. 

Nordea If Home Insurance

  • Covers what it should, and you will not pay for anything you do not need.
  • Valid during removals and travels throughout the world.

In connection with your home insurance, you can also have your pet insured against an illness or accident.


Security secures the repayment of a loan to the bank. The standard security value is 75% of the value of the home.

You may need further security for the rest of your loan:

  • For the remaining part (maximum 20%) of a housing loan you can buy Nordea’s Own Gurantee. For the remaining 5% you need your own savings or other security.
  • You can take out a partial state guarantee for a maximum of 10%, so besides that you need other security or own funds.
  • The price of an OwnGuarantee and partial state guarantee depends on the amount of the guarantee. When you use your own funds to finance a home, the required additional security is smaller and the expense is lower. 
  • Real estate, flats, securities and other liquid assets can serve as additional security. In some cases a personal guarantee is possible.

Advice on housing

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Interest rate hedging makes life secure

With the right interest hedging products, you can protect your finances even when market interest rates change drastically.

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Two alternatives

FlexiPayment gives you leeway for your monthly loan repayment. Another alternative is to extend your instalment-free period. See which one suits you better.