Vehicle Insurance

30% opening bonus and 15% Moniauto benefit

Comprehensive cover for your vehicle. If Car Insurance provides comprehensive cover for your vehicle. When damage occurs, the indemnification service runs quickly and easily.

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  • We will reward careful drivers with a Great Driver (Loistokuski) benefit of monetary value. Your journey towards a Great Driver (Loistokuski) will be shorter than before, as we will grant a 30% opening bonus for new third-party motor insurance policies. This bonus will help careful drivers achieve the 75% Great Driver (Loistokuski) bonus faster, and it will even sustain one accident without decreasing. Read more about the Great Driver (Loistokuski) benefit here. 
  • We will award a 70% opening bonus for voluntary motor vehicle insurance (Kasko). 
  • If your household has two or more passenger cars or vans insured, you will get an If Moniauto benefit for your new third-party motor insurance and Kasko insurance. This continuous 15% additional benefit will bring considerable savings to your cars’ insurance premiums.
  • The Kasko insurance alone makes you eligible for the If customer programme. It will bring you a 10% discount on your insurance at minimum.
  • As our customer, you can also easily register a car when you take out insurance from us – our online shop serves you 24/7.
  • Swift indemnification service – we will process over 70% of the claims within 24 hours.
Motorbike Insurance
  • In terms of content and price, your If Motorbike Insurance will be tailored based on your
    biking season and your bike.
  • You can pick the traditional version involving standby time or a seasonally priced insurance.
  • You get a properly dimensioned insurance coverage and claims handling the way it should be.
Other vehicles

If Vehicle Insurance is also applicable to motorhomes and caravans, trailers and tractors. 

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Use your If Own pages to address your insurance matters easily. You can also call us.