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You need insurance against headwind in boating. Our fully renewed If Boat Insurance has been compiled together with boaters: it provides unique cover for a motor or sail boat – and peace of mind to those onboard. Throughout the year.

Boat Insurance Guide and conditions Boat Insurance
  • 60% initial bonus on your hull insurance. 
  • No storm restrictions. Indemnification from boating cover regardless of wind velocity.
  • Breakdown cover for older machinery as well.
  • The lowest deductible, 100 euros, in the market with theft, vandalism and fire cover.
  • Indemnification for leakage damage and sinking.
  • Extensive scope of validity. In addition, spreading of the navigation areas free of charge – in connection with a competition or transport sailing.
  • Smooth indemnification service. 90% of our customers are very satisfied or satisfied with our indemnification service.
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Use your If Own pages to address your insurance matters easily. You can also call us.