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Siirto is a payment app downloadable on a mobile phone (iOS or Android), with which you can make and receive payments in real time between other Siirto users regardless of the bank. All you have to know is the other party’s phone number.

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Make payments from phone to phone securely

  • All you have to know is the other party’s phone number.
  • Payments are transferred 24/7 between Siirto users right away regardless of the bank.
  • Safe to use! All users are always authenticated with their access codes.
  • Simple and fast activation.
About Siirto

Information on the activation and use of the app

The Siirto app, which is downloadable on a smart phone, enables you to transfer and receive payments in real time with a phone number. It is safe to use the app, as the users are always authenticated with their access codes. The money incoming to/outgoing from the Siirto app is entered to an account of your choice.

What will the activation of the Siirto app require?

  • A smart phone (iOS or Android)
  • A Netbank agreement
  • Nordea’s code app
  • An account for payments

While activating the app, you must select

  • the account to/from which the account transactions will be entered.
  • Secured phone number you are using.

How does the Siirto app work?

Nordea’s Siirto app utilises the Siirto payment system maintained by Automatia to which also other banks and payment service providers connect. While making a payment, you enter the beneficiary’s phone number instead of the account number. When the phone number is in the Siirto payment system, you can see the name of the beneficiary. The beneficiary can see the payment immediately regardless of the bank. You can only use the Siirto app for paying to Finnish bank accounts included in the Siirto payment system.

Further information on the banks participating in the Siirto payment system is available on Automatia’s websiteOpens new window.

Security limits to the Siirto app
Payments per dayMaximum of EUR 1,700.00
Reception of paymentNo upper limit
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Use of the Siirto app, per month0,00 €

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