Sign up for Nordea Mobile Beta – iPhone users

This is a signup for the IOS version of Nordea Mobile Beta

If you would like to test the new Nordea Mobile beta on an IOS device (such as iPhone or iPad), then please add your Apple ID to Testflight as instructed below.

Testflight is an application that needs to be installed to your device. With Testflight, you can test applications before they are released. For more information about Testflight, please visit (

Kindly note that we do not ask for  your password or any other information. Only provide your  Apple ID. You can find the ID in your device by going to “Settings” and selecting your name and press you name. The apple ID is an email address.

After entering your apple ID as instructed below, it will can take up to 2 two business week days before. , and yyou will receive an email from TestFlight with subject ‘Nordea Bank has invited you to test "Nordea Mobile Beta“’. 

In the e-mail there will be a link to the TestFlight site, where you can download the TestFlight app.


The Nordea Mobile Beta is accessed from the the TestFlight application.


TheTestFlight app will give you access to the Nordea Mobile Beta app.


Your Apple ID is processed by Nordea and assigned to Apple only in order to send the invitation to the Nordea Mobile Beta application and for possible updates to the Nordea Mobile Beta.  Your Apple ID is not used for any other purposes.