Other service providers

Never use your access codes in a service provided by a third party

There are or will be services on the market provided by third parties where you log in to Netbank from the service provider's site. In these services, logging in to Netbank has been integrated into the service provider's site. After logging in, the program run by the service controls the Netbank connection and you do not see the normal Netbank front page. Instead, you see a text asking you to wait until the transfer is complete or something similar. This means that you can no longer control your Netbank.

Using these services constitutes a significant data security risk. Normally in these services a third party controls the use of Netbank instead of the customer. You may find it difficult to tell the difference between these services and malware. 

If another account holder's account has been linked to your Netbank, the information retrieved by an external service provider may include another person's account information which is protected by bank secrecy. This type of data transfer always requires the express consent of the account holder. 

Because the use of Netbank is based on personal access codes, you must ensure that an external operator cannot use Netbank on your behalf even after logging into Netbank. These activities are comparable to disclosing your access codes to a third party which is forbidden in the terms and conditions of our Netbank agreement.

Use of Netbank access codes approved by Nordea

  • E-identification is used in the services provided by public authorities and pension insurance companies, where you key in your Netbank access codes in Nordea's e-identification site. After identification, you return to the third party's site.
  • E-payment is used to pay for online shopping. You key in your Netbank access codes to Nordea's e-payment site and check the invoice from your screen. After you have provided your confirmation code, payment is debited to your account. You can then return to the online store's site, if you wish.
  • Netbank is a service offered by Nordea, where customers can bank online. Customers log in to Netbank via nordea.fi. In Netbank, they can control their transactions and they themselves exit Netbank.